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Cryptocurrency API - News, Updates & Guides

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How Robinhood provides commission free crypto trade?

January 22, 2021 Cryptocurrency API

Robinhood, a finance application that allows for commission-free buying and selling in the stock market; Likewise, it announced that it will start to provide commission-free crypto money trading services. Compared to the 1.5-4 percent commissions of CoinBase, the number one crypto currency exchange

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Different Ways to Invest Bitcoin in 2021

January 13, 2021 Cryptocurrency API

Bitcoin, one of the cryptocurrencies, is a digital form of payment and is not affiliated with any government. Its value has a very fluctuating structure. For example, while its value was around $ 4,900 in March 2020, it reached almost $ 14,000 in November. If this fluctuation can be managed well wit

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Guide: Finage Cryptocurrency API

January 11, 2021 Cryptocurrency API

In our blog posts this week, we will introduce you to a Finage product every day. We recommend that you stay tuned to this blog series. What we aim with this blog series is to provide you with a better service and to be transparent in the service we offer. Your satisfaction is always very important

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Cryptocurrency trading with Finage Data API

January 7, 2021 Cryptocurrency API

The cryptocurrency market has gained popularity in recent years, creating a number of opportunities for traders to speculate about market prices. But before opening a position, it's important to know how to trade cryptocurrencies - so we've compiled a list of everything you need to know to get start

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How to Build a Cryptocurrency Payment System? | Finage API

December 28, 2020 Cryptocurrency API

Crypto Payment GatewayWe are here with an important blog post for people who work with the Finage Data API system, especially for people who are marketing with the Finage company over cryptocurrencies exchange rates. There will be a blog post where you can find answers to many questions that everyon

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Bitcoin predictions for 2021 | Build your Bitcoin platform with Finage APIs

December 27, 2020 Cryptocurrency API

Some prominent names in the cryptocurrency industry shared their Bitcoin price predictions for 2021. Announcing their predictions to Token Daily, these names generally say they believe 2021 will be a big year for Bitcoin. The chief strategy officer of the investment company CoinShares, expects Bitc

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Real-Time & Historical Cryptocurrency Data

November 25, 2020 Cryptocurrency API

Every two years we are seeing major cryptocurrency blows in the market then everyone talking about the cryptocurrency and especially the market volume and popularly leader Bitcoin. Finage is from the first day providing real-time and historical Cryptocurrency API and Websocket from major 20 crypto e

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