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How to use Balance Sheet API? | Financial Statements Data

July 29, 2021 Financial Statements

Our article, in which we explain all questions such as what is the balance sheet, what is the balance sheet used for, and by whom is it prepared, is on our website. Table of Contents Balance Sheet What is a Balance Sheet? Articles to Take Note Formula Used for a Balance Sheet What's On the Bala

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How to use Economic Calendar in your Platform?

June 2, 2021 Financial Statements

What is Economic Calendar? The economic calendar is one of your best allies as a trader. You'll just spend one minute (or less) with it each day, but that one minute—every day—is critical if you want to be a consistently winning day trader. Creating a Financial Calendar An economic cal

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How to Read Company Financial Statements (Basics Explained)

May 7, 2021 Financial Statements

Read Company Financial Statements An important part of analyzing a company for a potential investment is understanding their past, current and potential future financial situation. In this video, we all go through the basics of a financial statement and explain the key sections. We'll be looking

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Fundamental Data from the SEC or Premium Finage Statements

March 26, 2021 Financial Statements

We regularly hear possibilities (especially those at monetary new companies) demand that they don't have to pay for crucial information since they can get budget reports for nothing from the SEC. Is that valid? Sure! It's additionally a great representation of "you get what you pay for." In this

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Financial Statements for Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

March 3, 2021 Financial Statements

To be a good manager, you must constantly improve your knowledge, skills and keep them up to date. To achieve this, you may need to access information from various sources or take trainings with online courses. One of the most important issues in the management process is the financial statements of

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The Rise of Alternative Data in Financial Markets

February 28, 2021 Financial Statements

As indicated by research from Greenwich Associates, 72% of worldwide purchase side firms say elective information has upgraded their sign. With reception of elective information on the ascent, partners across monetary administrations firms are hurrying to get their hands on quality elective inform

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The Place of API Integration in the Finance Sector

January 24, 2021 Financial Statements

Financial Satements API usage in corporate bankingOpen banking, which is one of the most convenient ways of rapid digitalization with the developing technology, has started to turn to digital flows in line with the expectations of customers and business partners. In this way, the increase in the bus

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Guide: Finage Fundamental Data

January 14, 2021 Financial Statements

In our blog post today, we will share with you a new part of the series we have determined this week. We continue with the article string where we share all kinds of data about stock API, forex API, and cryptocurrency API types. In the content of our blog post, we will include all kinds of informati

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Use of financial statements to make decisions

January 8, 2021 Financial Statements

Even if you are a passionate and determined business owner, spending hours researching the details of your company's financial performance may not sound extremely attractive. Still, things are done and broken according to the decisions taken. Therefore, you need to know how to use the information

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