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What is Real-Time Quotation | How to implement with API

March 22, 20214 MIN READ Real-Time Data

Hello everyone, in today's blog post, we will talk about a must-know subject in the financial sector. Real-Time Quote. We will talk about what this title, which we will abbreviate as RTQ, should mean for you, where and how it should be used. let's start then. What is Real-Time Quotation (RTQ)? A r

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What is Smart Contract? | How do they work with Finage?

March 21, 20215 MIN READ Technical Guides

What are Smart Contracts? How do they work? Smart contracts are one of the most popular topics such as blockchain. Therefore, in our article, we will explain what are smart contracts and how they affect companies' deals. Central Business Model Leaves its Place to Decentralization There are three

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How to access Financial Data in 2021 | Detailed Guide

January 1, 16 MIN READ Finage News

How to access Financial Data in 2021 | Detailed Guide When you're building a trading app, algoritmic trading bot, charting platform for historical stocks, forex or cryptocurrency data, portfolio management system, Yahoo finance, Google finance and Robinhood like platform. Even you are dreaming a

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5 Must Knowns about Cryptocurrency for Entrepreneurs

March 19, 20215 MIN READ Cryptocurrency API

In our blog post today, we will talk about a subject that many investors or new entrepreneurs must learn. Cryptocurrency is now indispensable for financial transactions. There are some methods for using this currency. We will touch on exactly this point in this blog post. We tried to bring the most

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7 Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management Tool for 2021

March 18, 20216 MIN READ Cryptocurrency API

If you are looking for the best crypto portfolio managemet tools on the market, you are in the right place. We wanted to share this post because we have been in the crypto world for years, using almost every crypto management tool personally, and even helping teams build them. With so many cryptoc

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Popular API Monitoring Tools

March 17, 20216 MIN READ Technical Guides

What Are These Monitoring Tools? In addition to making it easier for us to track our systems, applications and microservices, monitoring tools can be used in many industries and professions. Checking the availability of our API at any time is as important to us as tracking the weather forecast is

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The Future of APIs in the Finance Sector

March 16, 20214 MIN READ Real-Time Data

Along with the developing technology, the financial service sector is also changing and developing to keep up with technology. According to researches, nearly half of the adults who are involved with technology in the UK are actively using the services provided by at least one Fintech company and

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Finage 60,000+ Symbols Coverage | Market Feeds Data

March 15, 20214 MIN READ Finage News

We are produly launched our world wide stock exchanges, ETFs, premium Indices, OTC markets and more. From now on Finage support over 60.000 symbols. We are still working to expand our data sets and market deepth. We will annonce our LV2 orders books, Option data, new Commodities and more new excitin

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What is NFTs | How To Create, Buy and Sell Them

March 14, 20214 MIN READ Cryptocurrency API

NFTs have gotten one of the most sweltering crypto patterns of 2021, with by and large deals up 55% as of now since 2020, from $250 million to $389 million. Here's the means by which you can make, buy and sell these famous digitals resources. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are exceptional collec

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