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Best way to display financial data – Widgets

July 20, 2020 Finage Updates

We love visual instruments, and we use presentations to demonstrate business, education, life, and statistics to sum up everything. We need to see things in order to understand them.Financial information is the most important thing in our century of understanding markets. When we think about the fin

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How to beautify cURL output in the terminal using jq

July 22, 2020 Technical Guides

In this post, we will beautify the output of the cURL using jq. In this way, we can get more readable responses from the cURL and test our APIs easily.Firstly, let’s make a simple API request to the Finage’s currency API using cURL. curl ",EURUSD&a

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Finage Fintech & New Generation Applications

August 1, 2020 Finage News

Fintech is the term used to refer to innovations in the financial and technology area, and typically refers to companies or services that use technology to provide financial services to businesses or consumers.What Is Fintech?Fintech is a term used to describe financial technology, an industry encom

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During Coronavirus Develop Your Application

August 10, 2020 Finage News

This year will be remembered as Global Virus Pandemic year with Covid-19. Lots of people suffered a crisis because of this virus. We hope this situation will pass away with the minimum loss for all humanity. But life continues for 8 billion people and we have to survive and keep improving our life a

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Real-Time Currency, Stock, Cryptocurrency JSON API with Finage Data

August 12, 2020 Real-Time Data

Finage is a financial data provider company based in Dorset, United Kingdom. We have launched our platform a few months ago and today we have reached our 1000th subscriber today. When we start to Finage we never think to achieve this kind of success in a short time. Thank you so much for your dear i

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US Stocks, Forex and Cryptocurrencies with Real-Time & Historical Data

August 19, 2020 Stock API

Finage has some exciting news about new features and data feeds. We are covering all Us stock exchanges, Forex (Currencies), and Cryptocurrencies Real-Time & Historical Data at the moment.We are also celebrating our +1000 paid users. Thank you for who join us and also our teams worked hard to ac

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How to use U.S. Stock Historical API and Real-Time WebSocket

August 25, 2020 Stock API

Finage is a financial data provider that’s known for its strong backend and high performance. The Finage WS (FWS) Engine is keeping the connection alive and providing high performance. Let’s dive into the system. Finage offers VPS (Virtual Private Server) for every customer that subscribed to any pr

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Fin-tech 101: 3 ways to use market data will make you a millionaire

October 2, 2020 Stock API

Wolf of Wall Street fans remembers building a brokerage investment company that will make you super rich in a short amount of time.Nowadays every developer and investor dreams about building a brokerage company, but in reality, we are living in the 21st century, and every company trying to exist on

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Historical Stock Data API

October 10, 2020 Stock API

Historical stock price data is the most popular financial data in 2020. Especially for trade applications, investment platforms, and wealth management platforms are using historical stock data as an analysis of users' portfolios.Historical stock data spares at the two way trade and real-time. Every

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Real-Time Stock Quotes via WebSocket

October 19, 2020 Real-Time Data

First of all, there is something missing in Real-Time stock, Fx, and crypto market feeds on API subject. APIs are only work if you send and request then it will give you a response, however, WebSocket is mainly using on real-time platforms like live chats, trading & investing apps, and wherever

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