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The 30 Best Stock Market Blogs

October 11, 20215 MIN READ Real-Time Data

For those who want to have detailed information about the stock market and want to access the information from the right sources, here are the 30 best stock market blogs. The 30 Best Stock Market Blogs In today's article, we will recommend you the 30 best stock market blogs. You can access the

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Forex vs. Stocks: What are the Key Differences

October 10, 20214 MIN READ Forex

In our blog, we talked about the main differences between forex and stocks. We have included examples for you to better understand and compare the two in detail. Table of Contents Forex vs. Stocks: Key Differences What Are Stocks? What is Forex? How Do They Compare? Conclusion Forex vs. Stoc

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How Do I Find Historical Prices for Stocks?

October 9, 20214 MIN READ Stocks

In today's blog post, we explained to you how to find past stock prices and where can I find historical stock/index quotes and answer the questions in all your mind. Table of Contents How Do I Find Historical Prices for Stocks? Where Can I Find Historical Stock/Index Quotes? Receiving Historica

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Real-time Cryptocurrency Data API

October 8, 20214 MIN READ Cryptocurrency

Having access to the latest rates on crypto markets can make a huge difference. Innovation-driven by new technologies and digital presence will increasingly power the competitive edge for businesses and startups in the current market. Features such as real-time cryptocurrency visibility, API integ

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Live Market Data or How to Make Better Decisions?

October 7, 20214 MIN READ Real-Time Data

Before deciding on buying stocks, it helps to have the right information. Because market prices are always rising, having live data provides more room to make more informed decisions. Most channels or organizations are dedicated to providing live market data. Examples of organizations that do th

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Basic Overview on How to Make a Cryptocurrency Research

October 6, 20215 MIN READ Cryptocurrency

A new wave of Initial Coin Offering and funding market sees a period of massive flourish in the cryptocurrency area. It was driven by the excitement around the decentralized finance (Defi) sphere. Many coins related to it rose in price. If you are a medium explorer, interested in trading, or ready

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What Is Staking and Where Can We Find Best Options?

October 5, 20219 MIN READ Real-Time Data

Here's everything you need to know about a less resource-intensive alternative staking, that involves holding funds in a cryptocurrency wallet to support security. Table of Contents What Is Staking? How Is Staking Different from Yield Farming? How Are Staking Rewards Calculated? Frequently Asked

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Arbitrage and DeFi Strategy: New Opportunities for Trading Market

October 4, 20214 MIN READ Real-Time Data

Having the right strategy can be a game-changer for investors, especially in DeFi markets. Let’s focus on the impact of arbitrage in this type of market, including the two most popular strategies. Before we can get into further details, take a look at some of the basics first. Contents: Wh

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What Are Indices And How Do You Trade Them?

October 3, 20215 MIN READ Indices

In today's blog post, we have mentioned indices, which are a measure of the price performance of a group of stocks in a stock market and the details about it. Table of Contents What Are the Indices? How Are Stock Market Indices Calculated? What Are the Most Traded Indices? How Can I Determine Wh

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