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Free Historical Market Data in Excel Spreadsheet

July 20, 20214 MIN READ Excel Plugin

Today, we will talk about Finage new service called Excel Plugin. Finage Excel Plugin providing 25.000+ US Stocks, 2000+ Forex (currency), 1300+ Cryptocurrency, 1600+ Indices, and 2900+ ETFs historical data into Excel spreadsheets and it is completely free to use for whoever has Finage API key.

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July 19, 20215 MIN READ Technical Guides

In the blog, we covered important topics such as what are REST APIs, what are the differences between HTTP API and REST API, and when we should use REST APIs in detail. Table of Contents What are REST APIs? HTTP API vs REST API What is an HTTP API? What is a REST API? When to use REST APIs When

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How to Use Finage trading APIs

July 18, 20215 MIN READ Technical Guides

In today blog post, it is mentioned the subjects about Trading APIs, why Finage is reliable, opening and closing a position with an API and what REST API in detail. Table of Contents How to Use Finage trading APIs How can you use APIs with Finage? What is a REST API? How to get started with Finage's

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Sustainability Challenges that S&P 500 Companies Are Facing in 2021

July 17, 20215 MIN READ Indices API

In recent years, the development of sustainable industries has become an important topic and a general trend. Finage has done a profound amount of research on the issue and found out the main sustainability challenges that the S&P 500 (stock market index composed of 500 top companies) are facin

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API Overview: Quick Guide to Learn About Application Programming Interfaces

July 16, 20216 MIN READ Technical Guides

The Application programming interface is one of the most frequently used words in tech today. Let’s describe in simple terms what an API is and what it does, why APIs exist, how they work. See useful information and a quick guide to explore the top trend! To begin with, let’s provid

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Building Profitable Algorithmic Trading Bots

July 15, 20215 MIN READ Real-Time Data

Table of Contents Building Profitable Algorithmic Trading Bots Market selection Criteria for Selecting Cryptocurrencies Diversification Creating Trading Signals Timeframe Selection Create Your Own Algorithmic Trading Bot with Finage Final Thoughts Details on how to create profitable algorithmic

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Stock Market: How Does It Work?

July 14, 20214 MIN READ Stock API

Let’s take a step to learn about the foundations of the stock market and investing: what exactly is the stock market, and how does it work? One area that you could be totally ignorant about is the stock market. How does it work? How do you know when to buy and when to sell? Let’s le

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ETF or Index Fund: Which Is Right for You?

July 13, 20215 MIN READ Indices API

The similarities and differences between the ETF or Index Fund, which are great options for both stock market beginners and experts, are mentioned in our article. Table of Contents ETF or Index Fund: Which Is Right for You? What do ETFs and index funds have in common? Differences between index f

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Bitcoin Mining Main Principles in 2021

July 12, 20214 MIN READ Cryptocurrency API

Here is our latest article where you can check out what Cryptocurrency is and what Bitcoin Mining entails. See a brief overview of the #CryptocurrencyMining market! Mining, bitcoin, and cryptocurrency are definitions that hit the top online searches over the past years. You have probably heard t

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