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How to Create a Trading Application? | Fintech Startup Guide

April 10, 2021 Technical Guides

Thanks to technology, many things in our lives have become easily accessible. We can easily handle the transactions we want to perform at any time or anywhere with our digital devices such as our mobile phones, tablets or computers. In addition to transactions such as shopping and training, contro

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Finage ETFs: Exchange-traded funds APIs

April 9, 2021 ETFs API

Exchange-traded funds or ETFs are a relatively new concept used in trade today. They are products that can be traded on the stock market but have to go through a brokerage firm in order to be sold. ETFs are usually not considered 100% as stock. They are rather a type of stock that also have proper

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Finage APIs for Global Stock Data

April 8, 2021 Stock API

Are you searching for an accurate way of gaining access to stock prices? Then Finage is your go-to API. Finage gives you the possibility to get real-time stock prices in over 30 countries across the globe. Get real-time stock exchanges for different stock markets at your request. Finage does no

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What is the Stock Market? | 12 Points to Understand Stocks Trade

April 7, 2021 Stock API

Main elements of financial health; can be summarized as earning, saving, investing and protecting money. At this point, the challenge for all of us is to invest. Because whether or not we can make a profit is preoccupied with our minds. In addition, investment has a certain level of risk. Leaving as

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7 Tips for Quantitative Trading

April 6, 2021 Real-Time Data

Today, the development of technology and the constant change of the needs of the modern world have made it necessary to make innovations in the financial sector. For these reasons, using the right technology in line with the needs is as important as determining the right trading strategy in the co

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Smart Contracts: Replacing Paper-based Processes

Read detailed information of what is a smart contract (SC), how it impacts on the business and why you should migrate from paper-based processes to digital ones. ➡️ See more! Smart contracts (SC) are becoming a priority choice for many startups and large organizations, especially when faced by int

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DeversiFi – A high-speed trading platform for future

April 4, 2021 Technical Guides

DeversiFi – A high-speed trading platform capable of 9000 TPS There is no doubt that when trading, you want to use the fastest and cheapest way to perform this critical trade, but when you trade on DEX, network congestion and the ensuing high gas charges affect your performance. In such case

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What Is a Chainlink Node Operator? | Finage

What Is a Chainlink Node Operator? Because most of the blockchains are heavily secured, gathering information from external sources becomes a challenge. However, this can be overcome by using an oracle. Oracle can transfer data between on-chain and off-chain environments without causing any securi

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SIREN - Decentralized Options APIs

March 31, 2021 Cryptocurrency API

Nowadays, option trading has become very popular thanks to its ease of use and accessibility. To explain options, they are financial principles that give traders the option to buy or sell an asset at a predetermined price at a certain point in the future. With options, traders can secure themselve

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How to build your own Stock Trading Web Platform?

March 30, 2021 Real-Time Data

The presence of web based exchanging stages have developed significantly throughout the long term and is required to develop dramatically by 2025 because of the pandemic. It has set out a ton of open doors for a millennial broker. Each of the one necessities is a gadget, a functioning web associat

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