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Improve Your Investing with Excel

July 11, 20214 MIN READ Finage News

Excel is a useful tool to assist with investment organization and evaluation. Learn how to improve your investing with Excel with the following easy steps! Have you thought about using Microsoft Excel as a financial tool? Actually, you can use Excel to weigh the gains and losses before you inv

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What is Fintech? - How a Fintech Company be successful in 2021

July 10, 20215 MIN READ Finage News

It is mentioned information about fintech (financial technology), which aims to improve and automate the presentation and use of financial services, in our blog post. Table of Contents Financial Technology – Fintech What Is Financial Technology – Fintech? Understanding Fintech Key Ta

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Finage Market Data Guide: 2021

July 9, 20214 MIN READ Real-Time Data

We mentioned what market data is, significant market data providers, and important features you need to know about market data in detail in today's blog post. Table of Contents Market Data What is market data? Where have you heard about market data? What you need to know about the market date.

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How To Develop Trading App: 5 Easy Steps To Follow

July 8, 20215 MIN READ Stock API

What are the trading apps that have increased their popularity in recent days and what are the 5 most important methods to develop trading apps in our blog article? Table of Contents How To Develop Trading App: 5 Easy Steps To Follow What is Trading App? Some Of Best Trading Apps Key Features of

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Can data science be used in the Stock Market?�

July 7, 20216 MIN READ Stock API

How data science using Stock Markets and operating with their expertise. Today we will check every aspect of using data science on stock exchanges. Content:- Using Financial Markets to Explain Data Science Concepts - Concepts in Data Science for the Stock Market - Algorithms, Training, Testing, Ch

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What's the Role of Bots in Crypto Trading?

July 6, 20216 MIN READ Cryptocurrency API

Contents: Understanding the Basics Bots of Various Types How Bots Operate Negative Consequences of Using Cryptocurrency Bots Best Arbitrage Bots for Cryptocurrencies Conclusion Cryptocurrencies are notorious for their extreme volatility, with prices fluctuating wildly in minutes. Investors ca

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Get to Know Exchange-traded Funds

July 5, 20214 MIN READ ETFs API

Table of Contents Getting to Know Exchange-traded Funds Types of ETFs Different Structures ETFs Some important details Final Thoughts Getting to Know Exchange-traded Funds As many of us know, more and more investors are using exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to build diversified portfolios. We wo

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Future of Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin: What Will It Be?

July 4, 20214 MIN READ Cryptocurrency API

Bitcoin has over the years become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Some people can only mention Bitcoin when asked about the cryptocurrency payment system. This is something that Bitcoin has done well in comparison to others like Ethereum which are only now becoming common knowledge. On

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What is Indices Trading?

July 3, 20214 MIN READ Indices API

All the details and information of what index trading is and what are the best known and most heavily traded live index markets are mentioned in our last blog post. Table of Contents What is Indices Trading? Which Indices can I trade on ETX? Are Indices trading for me? Final Thoughts It is

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