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What Are Token Swaps & How Do They Work?

Swap or swap contracts, on the other hand, are contracts between two parties (which may be the central banks of these two countries) in financial markets, in which they exchange different interest payments or different currencies for a certain period. Barter instruments can be almost anything, but

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How Does Mining for Crypto-Currency Work?

Mining for crypto-currency is basically the creation of new decentralized digital currency and bringing it into circulation. However, that is not the only thing done during the process. As new crypto coins are created, they are validated by making sure the coins are put up on the ledger. Mining

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How to become a Blockchain Developers | Best Free 7 Courses to Learn Blockchain in 2022

Along with other tech trends like Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality, blockchain has become almost the buzzword in Silicon Valley and beyond. Blockchain is the distributed ledger technology that powers bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Now, the Internet of Things is proving its potentia

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Top Financial Terminology for Beginners

There are important terms you need to know in order to advance yourself in the financial industry. Be careful not to make financial transactions without knowing the details and meanings of these. Now we will be sharing with you the important terms you need to know in this field. 1. Asset The ass

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What is NFT? Demystifying NFT for Artists

What is NFT? What does NFT mean to you? If you are someone who follows the digital world, it means that you have heard the word NFT in many places recently. NFT, in its simplest terms, is a unique property registration tool that can prove the ownership of physical or digital products with blockc

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Most Popular Use-Cases for DeFi

Today we will answer the question of what is DeFi, and then take a look at how it works and its uses. First of all, Decentralized Finance, or DeFi, are financial services built on blockchain technology. It seeks to empower the audience by creating an open, efficient, and all-inclusive financial sy

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Everything You Need to Know About Stock Market APIs

The global stock market is both complex and volatile. Small changes can happen in mere milliseconds, but they can have huge financial consequences. Traders, hedge funds, and investors should therefore follow the stock market closely to make effective decisions. Stocks APIs assist users in this t

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What Is Margin Trading in Crypto?

As you can understand from its name, margin trading is a type of trade that allows you to trade on the floors of your collateral by giving collateral to the system. For example, with margin trading, you can trade up to 2 or 3 times the asset you have by giving collateral. The floors vary from plat

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A New Dawn of Financial Digital Transformation - Metaverse in Finance

Last year marked a turning point in human history. Significant developments are taking place in all areas of our lives, and their effects continue to create new areas of transformation around the world. Undoubtedly, the biggest and most remarkable of these developments is experienced in the digita

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What are Derivative Indices and ETFs Data?

What is Derivative? A derivative is a contract between two or more parties based on an underlying financial asset (such as a security) or a group of assets (such as an index) whose value is agreed upon. Common underlying instruments include bonds, commodities, currencies, interest rates, market

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