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How to Make Passive Cryptocurrency Investing - Crypto ETFs For Beginners

Today, an increasing number of investors are using exchange-traded funds, namely, EFTs, to create diversified portfolios. We have compiled details about traders' mutual funds that track the value of Bitcoin and trade on traditional market exchanges rather than cryptocurrency exchanges, especially

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How Do Experts Find the Stocks will Go Up 100% Before No One Knows?

The stock market is the only platform preferred by many people for investment. The increase or decrease in the value of the stocks causes profit or loss to the investors. For this reason, many people who have savings and want to buy stocks go through a rigorous research process before investing. S

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Best Ways to Use Chain-link Smart Contracts?

Chainlink (LINK) is a cryptocurrency project with the vision to foster a global, decentralized oracle network among countless computers to provide reliable, real data to smart contracts running on various blockchains. These actual data points that can be connected to blockchain-based smart contr

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Solana Versus Ethereum - Which One Will Lead Us to Future?

We see that Solana has a market value of approximately 8 billion USD. Solana is also ranked 15th as of the day the video was shot. Solana has its own blockchain, so it's not a token inside any blockchain or anything. This is already one of Solana's good sides. Solana actually has many good points,

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Which One Is Better for Investing? Forex Versus Cryptocurrency in 2022

What is Forex Trading? As it can be understood from the definition of Forex, the Forex market is a market created for international banks to make foreign exchange transactions among themselves faster and at lower costs. On the other hand, this market, the foundations of which were laid in the 1

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What is a Defi Arbitrage Bot and How to Code Them?

The process of buying and selling valuable assets to make risk-free profits by taking advantage of the formation of different prices in different markets is called arbitrage. It is based on the idea of buying the same product in the market where it is sold at a low price and selling it in the mark

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How Do You Become a Web3 Developer - Zero to Hero Guide

The concept called WEB 3.0 refers to the full blockchain supported and personalized version of the internet that can be used as Decentralized and Peer to Peer. In the internet system we currently use, that is, in the WEB 2.0 system, information is controlled by central powers. All information reac

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Crucial Things to Know When You Start Investing in Stocks: Step-by-Step Guide

You can make an extra amount of money while investing in stocks. What exactly are stocks and how do they help you make money when you buy and sell them? If you want a really good grasp, let’s analyze the basics and go into the different types of stocks that you can focus on first. Here are t

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Top Metaverses in 2022: How to Become a Millionaire

Blockchain and NFT are the next big thing when it comes to earning money. Nowadays, players are very excited about the worldwide blockchain and NFT games or metaverses. The games are interesting both for consumers and investors. We can see the real value of entering into the game as it brings in p

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5 Advantages of Real-time Market Data Usage

The constant changes and overall versatility of markets make it difficult to navigate in real-time. This can be the case, but there are ways of combating or avoiding these difficulties. The best way to do this is to ensure that users have access to all available data in real-time. When it comes

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