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Finage Solutions: Blockchain Development  | Oracle Node Integrations

May 6, 20214 MIN READ Cryptocurrency API

The blockchain technology, which is the basis of crypto currencies, which has been increasingly popular in recent years and used by many people both for investment purposes and as a payment method, is actually a decentralized computer network that performs calculations and stores data in a shared

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Finage Joins the Big Data Protocol Alliance as a Data Provider

May 5, 20212 MIN READ Finage News

Finage Joins the Big Data Protocol Alliance as a Data Provider to Provide Stock, Forex, and Crypto Financial Data UK-based Finage joins the Big Data Protocol’s (BDP) Data Marketplace and BDP Alliance to showcase and distribute its data products to the +10,000 investment professionals within

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Your Complete Foreign Exchange Hedging Guide

May 5, 20215 MIN READ Forex API

Hedging is a word that you might have used in a variety of contexts. It's a commonly used concept, and although the application scenarios can differ, the basic idea remains the same. Hedging is the process of shielding oneself from loss during a transaction in its most basic form. To hedge means

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Fintech Solutions and Applications Powered by Finage

May 4, 20216 MIN READ Real-Time Data

Humanity has gone through various stages since the first day of its existence and has continued to develop without stopping with every stage it has passed. It can be said that the revolutions and developments of humanity are based on cultural and scientific evolution. As a result of these stages,

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Finage Complete Review: Everything You Want to Know

May 3, 20214 MIN READ Real-Time Data

Looking on how to build the stocks app that will grow your business? You can get stock information from an API and display it easily. See the Finage review! Finage Complete Review: Everything You Want to Know The reason behind the creation of the Finage API was to enable developers to access dif

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DeFi Arbitrage Bot Overview

May 2, 20213 MIN READ Cryptocurrency API

Check out the DeFi Arbitrage bot overview if you are looking for a guide. The right place to learn more! DeFi Arbitrage Bot Overview If you are looking for a guide on how to create your own arbitrage training bot, you have come to the right place. With this tool, you will be able to expand your tr

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ETF Data & Mutual Funds & Indices

May 1, 20215 MIN READ Indices API

The financial world has hosted many innovations along with the technological developments. With every innovation, new products that can be used in the field of finance have emerged. These products have made it easier for both corporate finance giants and individual investors. One of these techno

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Finage Detailed Market Feeds F.A.Qs

April 30, 20213 MIN READ Real-Time Data

Today we will answer the most asked questions and also you will find some tips and knowledge about market data. - What are some good APIs for real-time stock quotes? How do I find stock price API? Does Google Finance API still work? Does Yahoo Finance API still work? After Yahoo finance and Google

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Algorithmic Momentum Trading Strategy

April 30, 20214 MIN READ Stock API

See how you can maximize your stock trade with a 5 mins read article. Learn more and grow your business with useful tips! The stock market has become very popular. This is due to the fact that trading has become a lot easier than it used to be thanks to advanced technology and smart practices. One

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