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Finage Real-Time Forex API | Currency API

December 26, 2020 Forex API

How foreign exchange API work in Finage?Foreign exchange (Forex) is the highest volume of financial data in the world at the moment. In 2020 daily volume over 5.5 trillion dollars, this amount higher than any other financials. For casual and professional traders Forex still is the most popular way

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How Finage Design It's Endpoint | Finage API

December 25, 2020 Stock API

Finage Data API DesignThe interface I call API is actually an application programming interface. it is a way for one piece of software to request data from another. There are thousands of public APIs for things like currency rates, weather data, news headlines, and social media feeds. And of course,

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Rest API in Finage Data API

December 24, 2020 Stock API

Finage Rest API in Finage Data APIWhile the Finage Data API system is highly appreciated by its users, it continues to attract the attention of those who have not used it yet. We shape our blog posts accordingly. and we continue to provide informative texts about Finage and the Finage Data API we us

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JSON Tutorial: Introduction and Beginners Guide to JSON | Finage

December 23, 2020 Stock API

JSON Tutorial: Introduction and Beginners Guide to JSONUntil now, we talked about the Finage Data API system in many articles we wrote about Finage. it's time to talk about a provider that isn't actually hidden behind it. In this blog, we will explain the data exchange format we will call JavaScript

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Finage Standardized Fundamental Data

December 22, 2020 Financial Statements

How Finage Standardized Fundamental Data?Financial statements submitted by publicly traded companies may contain information of great importance. In order to understand this information in its valuable form, it is necessary to conduct in-depth research. After conducting these examinations, it will p

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US Stock Options

December 21, 2020 Stock API

Options Filtered in Real-Time DataThe reliability of real-time options data is undoubtedly critical for anyone wishing to enter the market. However, we can say that combined licensing, infrastructure, and delivery costs, live options data becomes a challenge for businesses and completely inaccessibl

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Finage API for Real-Time Stock Market Data

December 19, 2020 Stock API

Easily Accessing Stock Market Data Powered by Artificial IntelligenceFor investors and companies interested in Finance, the most important thing when trading is market data. We proudly present you Finage API powered by artificial intelligence that will perform this important task in the best way.We

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Real-Time StockMarket Data

December 18, 2020 Real-Time Data

Finage Real-Time Stock Market DataReal-time market data is a critical element for almost every major investor. It doesn't matter whether you are a quantitative investor or a development company that develops market data for end-users. Your data on which you do business, reduce the risk of your busin

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Why work with Finage Data API?

December 17, 2020 Stock API

Our Resourcesfinancial data are no longer data prepared only for analysts. Part of the company team we call developers also use financial data providers. however, it cannot be said that there is as much variety for them as analysts. Finage stands out at this point.Our Finage Data API system, establi

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Why Finage data sources better than others?

December 16, 2020 Finage Updates

If you are not a company that spends millions every year, that is, if you are not a giant financial institution, you will encounter some problems with the API models you work with.You are likely to encounter data stubs that do not treat you as a priority, show the level of service and interest you w

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