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What is Cryptocurrency Stake? | How it work?

April 20, 20216 MIN READ Cryptocurrency API

How does crypto staking work? Financial markets have evolved over and over again since the day humanity existed. The final stage of this evolution was perhaps the birth of crypto assets that attracted the most attention of people. As the interest in these cryptocurrencies increases day by day, its

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Non-fungible Tokens: How NFT Went Mainstream?

April 19, 20215 MIN READ Cryptocurrency API

To understand tokens and how to convert objects to NFT, you need to figure out in what environment they exist. Let’s check what NFT is and how it gained mainstream attention! Have you already heard about NFT or tokens? Maybe you heard how Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Royland sold a colle

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What Is the Blockchain Oracle Problem?

April 18, 20214 MIN READ Technical Guides

Blockchain platforms are quite a technological innovation. That being said, like any new technology, it takes time for the general public to adopt it for a regular use. In a nutshell, this describes what the blockchain oracle problem is, including the questions related to the essence of the techno

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Chainlink Node Operator: Major Role

April 17, 20214 MIN READ Cryptocurrency API

A chainlink node operator focuses on node operating to develop smart contracts. By using tools, operators facilitate the function of a chainlink network. These networks enable the transfer of different data to blockchain platforms from non-blockchain sources. This exchange is only possible through

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What are indices and how are they traded? | Index APIs

April 16, 20216 MIN READ Indices API

Trade has been one of humanity's greatest livelihoods for thousands of years. This trade sometimes included basic consumables and sometimes durable everyday use materials. However, one of the most important trade products of today has been stocks and their indicator indices. Indices are an indic

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Coinbase IPO Stock Price API: Where can I track NASDAQ:COIN?

April 15, 20217 MIN READ Stock API

Coinbase Global Inc (NASDAQ: COIN) has shut its introduction day on Wall Street at $328.28, and it is required to flood by more than 10% to $363 on Thursday, as per pre-market information. High unpredictability in portions of one of the main crypcurrency trades is set to proceed. The immediate posti

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15 Investment Tips That Will Earn the Most With $10k

April 14, 202110 MIN READ Technical Guides

Do you remember the first 100 dollars you won? So what did you do with that money? If you used that money for any investment instead of just spending it, how much would it be worth today? Not knowing when and where to invest can cause many opportunities to be lost. We may think that investing in sma

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Guide for Mainnet, Altcoins and Blockchain in 2021

April 13, 20214 MIN READ Cryptocurrency API

Blockchain and Crypto World in 2021 With the development of technology, the world of finance has been the focus of great revolutions, like everything else. The biggest of this great revolution took place in digital currencies called crypto money under the leadership of blockchain. And with the bir

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ETF Flaws That Investors Shouldn't Overlook 

April 11, 20218 MIN READ ETFs API

Trade exchanged assets (ETFs) can be an extraordinary speculation vehicle for little and huge financial backers the same. These well known assets, which are like common assets yet exchange like stocks, have gotten a mainstream decision among financial backers hoping to widen the variety of their por

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