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Building a Financial Mobile App at Scale with React-Native

July 26, 2021 Real-Time Data

You can reach the information about what's important from our perspective in showing what to expect from building a large-scale React-Native app within all details. Table of Contents Building a Financial Mobile App at Scale with React-Native The Mobile App The Choice of Technologies Deciding on

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Algorithmic Trading Fundamentals: Concepts and Examples 

July 22, 2021 Real-Time Data

Algorithmic trading (also known as automated trading, black-box trading, or Algo-trading) involves placing a deal using a computer programme that follows a set of instructions (an algorithm). In theory, the deal can make profits at a pace and frequency that would be hard for a human trader to achi

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Building Profitable Algorithmic Trading Bots

July 15, 2021 Real-Time Data

Table of Contents Building Profitable Algorithmic Trading Bots Market selection Criteria for Selecting Cryptocurrencies Diversification Creating Trading Signals Timeframe Selection Create Your Own Algorithmic Trading Bot with Finage Final Thoughts Details on how to create profitable algorithmic

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Finage Market Data Guide: 2021

July 9, 2021 Real-Time Data

We mentioned what market data is, significant market data providers, and important features you need to know about market data in detail in today's blog post. Table of Contents Market Data What is market data? Where have you heard about market data? What you need to know about the market date.

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Trading Bots and the Economic Point of View 

June 30, 2021 Real-Time Data

Python can exponentially increase your brain's power by analyzing large amounts of data, but getting started with coding can be just as chaotic as joining any other community in everyday life. There are various versions of the language, various modules for accomplishing the same goal, various habi

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A Short Introduction to Machine Learning at Finage

June 29, 2021 Real-Time Data

Table of Contents - A Short Introduction to Machine Learning at Finage - What is machine learning? - What types of machine learning are out there? - Unsupervised Learning - Supervised Learning - Reinforcement Learning - Representation Learning - How does Finage use machine learning? If you're w

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APIs in the Digital Age

June 21, 2021 Real-Time Data

“The most obvious important realities are often the ones that are hardest to see and talk about,” says David Foster Wallace in a famous commencement speech titled “This Is Water,” in which he tells a story about fish discussing water and briefly explains the title: “T

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8 Lessons from Chief Data Scientist to Junior Data Scientist

June 18, 2021 Real-Time Data

The transition from a junior data scientist to a chief data scientist is a slow process. As a junior, you are probably unfamiliar with so many terms and practices used in the industry. You have your foundation set, but there’s a lot more to build. With time, you begin to grasp all the intr

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Algorithmic Trading with Reinforcement Learning 

June 13, 2021 Real-Time Data

We are following Quantitative Finance offerings for a long time because we believe it doesn't solve the root of people's problems; nevertheless, we feel there is value in utilizing Quantitative Finance as a challenge to design better utility that does precisely that. This is because working on an

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