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Technical Guides - News, Updates & Guides

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What is Smart Contract? | How do they work with Finage?

March 21, 2021 Technical Guides

What are Smart Contracts? How do they work? Smart contracts are one of the most popular topics such as blockchain. Therefore, in our article, we will explain what are smart contracts and how they affect companies' deals. Central Business Model Leaves its Place to Decentralization There are three

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Popular API Monitoring Tools

March 17, 2021 Technical Guides

What Are These Monitoring Tools? In addition to making it easier for us to track our systems, applications and microservices, monitoring tools can be used in many industries and professions. Checking the availability of our API at any time is as important to us as tracking the weather forecast is

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How to achieve perfection on APIs | Risks and Methods

March 12, 2021 Technical Guides

In today's blog post, we will examine the risk of API systems that we have examined in detail in our previous blog posts, and which we offer to our customers. In addition to data analysis, there is a reason we investigate the risk ratios in the Forex Data API, Stock API, Cryptocurrency API, ETF APIs

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Software Development on Financial Fields

March 10, 2021 Technical Guides

In today's blog post, we'll examine what the load test is. And of course, we will talk about how the load test should be used in the financial field. I want to start briefly like this. The most important types of testing in software development are difficult to sort out. Many types of works together

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What are Trailing Stop Loss and Trailing Stop Limits?

February 10, 2021 Technical Guides

When and where to use Trailing Stop Loss and Trailing Stop Limit? If you are new to the financial investment industry, you should have started researching these terms. We define them as functions that investors who are new entrants to this sector must know for a long time, and functions that peo

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Algorithmic Trading Using Python

February 5, 2021 Technical Guides

It is an obvious fact that industry 4.0 has brought us a very interesting horizon. this intriguing horizon represents very advanced steps in human history today. It is even possible to say that it represents the most advanced step. Undoubtedly, industry 4.0, which still has a great reality outside

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Collect Historical Stock Price Data into Excel with Python

January 27, 2021 Technical Guides

In this post, we will talk about how can we collect historical stock prices into Excel. Let's dive in. Install Required Packages We are going to use Pandas for this project. Also, we have to install Openpyxl too. pip3 install pandas pip3 install openpyxl pip3 install requests Now, we are ready to

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Connect to the Financial Data via WSCAT on Your Terminal

January 18, 2021 Technical Guides

Financial data is more accessible and easy to understand via Finage. In this post, we will talk about how we can use or test the WebSockets on the terminal. Let's start with installing the WSCAT. You need to NodeJS on your computer to install the WSCAT. You can install NodeJS with the given link bel

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5 things to consider before creating an trading platform

January 15, 2021 Technical Guides

All of the participants, investors and brokers in the stock exchange closely follow and use all the developments in the web and mobile field by keeping up with the technology. E-commerce application is a good way to develop a stock market application. However, there is no perfect trading practice

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9 most popular questions about Stock APIs

January 12, 2021 Technical Guides

There are lots of questions asking about APIs on stocks, forex and cryptocurrency. Today I’ll answer all most popular questions about stock APIs.1-) What is stock market API?Stock market APIs are financial data whoever would like to build financial applicaitons, tools and platforms with stock prices

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