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by Finage at December 9, 2020 1 MIN READ

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Finage Tailored Data Solutions - Quality Matters

Access to information to ensure data quality is difficult. That's why companies choose us to reach quality data. In this article, we will explain the importance of data quality/quality data so that your investments are not wasted. Remember that finding quality, reliable data is not an easy thing to do.

What is the importance of Finage data quality?

Poor quality data is equivalent to false information. Therefore, companies that care about the quality of work should work with high-quality data and this is Finage data.

Finage data offers unmissable opportunities for those looking for high-quality data. Finage data provides unmissable opportunities for those looking for high-quality data. The most important of these is to prevent monetary loss with less risk. If cheap data is preferred over quality data, the risk rate will increase in important data such as financial data, market data, tick data.

What is the difficulty of finding quality data?

Data must be processed and made available for use, and data processing methods greatly affect data quality. Manual mapping is still a method used by thousands of people in many parts of the world. However, the margin of error is high in the works to be done by man.

Finage data processing methods have a highly developed structure. This method minimizes the data quality concern of customers. Thus, portfolio management has been successful in minimizing risk and with a price/performance ratio. There are such challenges to achieving success and quality data.

Finage Data Quality:

Finage offers many high-quality APIs to its customers. Such as free stock API, APIs for the stock, finance API, forex API, crypto API in stock API. Our customers who receive data from our API are aware that the Finage data is of high quality and will not cause any problems in the future.

Leaving many challenges behind, Finage does not think its data quality is sufficient and works to improve data quality day by day. It aims to exceed its own success by regularly checking the APIs it offers. 

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