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We believe creativity, freedom, and passion come through if you feel you are in the right place. We have been working on the software, fintech, and trading businesses for over 12 years. In the Finage, we are building a new generation market data platform for those who would like to create financial applications and fintech businesses. In our culture creating and innovating is the key to happiness in the working environment. To do these using the most modern and new technologies, creating brand new API and WebSocket solutions empower our business with the Web3.0 approach. In a short time, we reached the most useful solutions in the industry. Our goal is to break out existing complicated, expensive, and slow services by replacing them with modern new generation market data solutions. So if you feel yourselves outliers from the existing software business, Finage is the correct place to see your potential.

Remote job and flexible working hours

Working with passionate and friendly people

Competitive salary and working in a fast-growing company

Reflect the diversity with equitable access to opportunity for everyone

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The Evolution of High-Frequency Trading Technologies

Introduction High-frequency trading (HFT) stands as a groundbreaking technological leap within financial markets, placing paramount importance on speed and efficiency. It operates through intricate algorithms and high-speed data networks, enabling the execution of an extensive volume of orders at

The Role of APIs in Financial Innovation

Introduction Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have emerged as catalysts for profound transformation within the financial sector, sparking innovation and revolutionizing the delivery of financial services. These APIs serve as pivotal bridges between disparate software applications, facilit

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