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You can find all the necessary information for all our APIs and Websockets in this documentation.
Explore our guides and examples to integrate market data feeds.


After the subscription to an API package, you will get an API key to make API requests.

According to your package, your API request could be limited or unlimited. Please check the API subscriptions.

We are using the In-Memory Cache Engine in our APIs. You'll get the fastest API response from our server.

In the Fundamentals section, you can see the API endpoints about the US. Stocks, Cryptocurrencies and more. Our high-performance Fundamental APIs are the best for your application with large options.

Finage API provides the simplest REST API with real-time and historical rates for currencies, cryptocurrencies and widgets.

All API requests are encrypted using SHA-256. All usage statistics will be shown in your Moon Dashboard in the API section on the top nav bar. You can track your total requests, usages, data update rate and subscription start-end dates.

Finage services includes pre and post-market hours for US stocks from 4 AM - 8 PM ET

Maximum aggregate size is 20 for free API keys.

Gzip Compression

You can enable the Gzip to reduce the transferred data size. It will increase the performance of your application and reduce the bandwidth usage in your server.

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Finage provides real-time data using the high-performance WebSocket technology.

Our main purpose is to provide the real-time data as fast as possible
without any connection loss.