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Canada Market Last Price

Finage has more than 2300+ Canada market data in real-time. You can get the last price for a symbol with this endpoint.{ symbol }?apikey=YOUR_API_KEY


  • symbol
    = Canada stock symbol that you want to get price


  • apikey
    = Your API key

With the given example above, you can get the last prices of the TBP.


An example response given below when you make an API request.

Please login to make an API request

  "symbol": "TBP",
  "price": 0.215,
  "timestamp": 1615225685191
  • Parameters
    • symbol
      = Symbol of the Canada market
    • price
      = Last price of the Canada market
    • timestamp
      = System response timestamp [ms]

Canada Market Aggregates

With the Canada Market Aggregates API, you can get the tick bars of the Canada market.{ symbol }/{ time }/{ from }/{ to }?apikey=YOUR_API_KEY


  • symbol
    = Symbol of the Canada Market
  • time
    = Size of the time. [1min, 5min, 15min, 30min, 45min, 1h, 2h, 4h, 1day, 1week, 1month]
  • from = Start date [yyyy-MM-dd]
  • to = End date [yyyy-MM-dd]


  • apikey
    = Your API key
  • limit
    = Limit of the results. Default is 100, maximum allowed limit is 5000. Please set a limit if you are using the API in the production.
  • sort
    = You can sort the results by timestamp. asc will return ascending results oldest to newest, desc will return descending results newest to oldest. Default is asc.
  • date_format
    = You can change the format of the date in the results. ts is timestamp, dt is datetime. [Default is dt]
  • dbt_filter
    = Daily-based time filter. You can allow the time filters to filter daily based. Otherwise, the filter will only trim the start and end of the output. Default is false.
  • st = Start time in UTC. (Eg. 17:30)
  • et
    = End time in UTC. (Eg. 17:45)

You can get the tick bars of the BB with the given example above.


Please login to make an API request

  "symbol": "BB",
  "totalResults": 3,
  "results": [
    { "o": "15.15000", "h": "15.16000", "l": "13.05000", "c": "13.31000", "v": "12869600", "t": "2021-02-25" },
    { "o": "13.30000", "h": "13.65000", "l": "12.70000", "c": "12.87000", "v": "8049441", "t": "2021-02-26" },
    { "o": "13.14000", "h": "14.23000", "l": "13.08000", "c": "13.79000", "v": "6206248", "t": "2021-03-01" }
  • Parameters
    • symbol
      = Symbol of the Canada Market
    • totalResults
      = Total result size
    • o
      = Open price
    • h
      = High price
    • l
      = Low price
    • c
      = Close price
    • v
      = Volume
    • t
      = Timestamp [ms]

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