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Streaming real-time data requires a connection with your platform/server. You need to login your Moon Dashboard and then in the WebSocket section you can find your unique Indices Server address under Additional Server.

Connect to Your Server


wss://{your_address_key}{ your_server_port }

This is your unique address. You can connect to your private server by using this address.

Subscribe to CFD Indices Market Symbol

After the connection, you need to create a subscription.

{"{"action": "subscribe", "symbols": "SPX"}"}

this command will create a real-time SPX subscription. If the symbol exists, you will get the data as JSON in real-time.
You can create more than one subscriptions. You can just send another subscription command or use it like given below;

{"{"action": "subscribe", "symbols": "SPX"}"}


After the subscriptions, you will get a response like given below.
  "s": "SPX",
  "p": 7305.18018,
  "dc": "1.3200",
  "dd": "96.5200",
  "t": 1636129740000
Did not you like the parameters or the response ? You can simply edit it. For example, you can change the symbol to s or sym.

Response Parameters

  • s
    : Symbol of the indices.
  • p
    : Last price.
  • dc
    : Daily change percentage
  • dd
    : Daily difference
  • t
    : Timestamp [MS]

Unsubscribe to CFD Indices Market Symbol

You can unsubscribe to the symbol.

{"{"action": "unsubscribe", "symbols": "SPX"}"}

this command will remove the symbol from the response.

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