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WebSocket Performance and Details

Finage provides real-time data using the high-performance WebSocket technology.
Our main purpose is to provide the real-time data as fast as possible without any connection loss.

Connection Prevention Algorithm (CPA)

Connection Prevention Algorithm (CPA) keeps your connection up between you and your Finage Market Server. It mean, you do not have to worry about the connection loss, let Finage handle it for you.
How it Works?
When you connect to your server, you make a handshake with your market server. We keep that handshake even one of the data sources shuts down. We immediately redirect your connection to the backup server(s) and keep your data flow smooth. You can just connect to your server and focus on your product.

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We are sending ping frames (0x9) to the sources. The system is checking all of the connections methodically and keeps the connections up. Our data source cluster provides data continuity. The CPA is also checking your connection and keeps your connection active even if the market is closed.
The main goal of the CPA is to keep the data flow steady.

Customizable Usage

You can edit the responses from your server and even the requests that you make to your server. This is why people love Finage WebSocket Engine. Create the best output for your product and keep building your projects.
You can get the trade or the quote data from your server. Given example responses below are the default settings of the servers. You can keep it or change it as you want.
Default quote data response
  "symbol": "AAPL",
  "ask": 121.34,
  "bid": 121.32,
  "timestamp": 1614869528663
Default trade data response
  "s": "AAPL",
  "p": 123.055,
  "t": 1614873845605

Did not you like the parameters or the responses ? You can simply edit it. For example, you can change the symbol to s or sym. You can remove the ask price or you can add the ask size to your responses. It's fully customisable.

Unique Address and Lowest Latency

We do not use a public server. Because using a WebSocket server should have the best performance and the lowest latency. Furthermore, it should not be affected by other users. This is why we provide unique addresses. You can choose a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or a dedicated server for your project.

wss://{your_address_key}{ your_server_port }/?token=YOUR_SOCKET_KEY

This is your unique address. You can use it to connect to your server. You can find your unique address on the Moon Dashboard after your subscription.

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Advanced Firewall

We use an advanced firewall in your servers. It can block DDoS attacks, unknown connections, and prevent the extreme CPU usages in your server. Did not you like the tight Firewall rules ? Just remove it from your server, or create your own rules!

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