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Widget Usage

Widgets are best practices for displaying financial data on your websites, blogs and forums, Finage provides free widgets for everyone. When you need more precision and often updated you can subscribe to lift limits. Integration is super easy.
There are six diferent kinds of widgets we have
  • Ticker
    - This Widget is used for your websites top or bottom for navigation bar. It is horizontal bar with symbols last prices, daily changes and daily percentage changes.
  • Tape Ticker
    - This is a stock market classic widget that simply displays symbols (prices, daily changes and daily changes of percentages ) with a sliding cursor that stops when your cursor stops in a position it will stop too. Simple, fancy and useful.
  • Single Ticker
    - It's a simple one-symbol sized ticker.
  • Converter
    - This widget works best on the right or left sidebar of your website with a fast, useful currency converter with the latest updates and unit prices.
  • Mini Converter
    - It's also simple and beautiful converter best for mobile websites.
  • Historical Chart
    - You can view the historical data details for a single symbol with the Historical Chart Widget.


Login in to your Moon Dashboard and register your website/server by entering your address.
You can edit, clear and re-enter your platform address at any time. After you connect your platform to Finage, you can find customization and selection widgets below. First select the widget you would like to use - after selecting any widget the customization section will appear below. You can choose pre-made templates;
Dark Night
Pearl White
or you can change the Background color and Font color in pallet. When you're done with your style configuration, you can add - remove symbols in the Widget Symbol section. The embedded code shown below will automatically change whenever you make any changes. Copy the embedded code and add it wherever you like on your connected website/platform.


There is an example usage of the Single Ticker given below.
    <AnchorDiv class="finage-single-ticker-item">

    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
        singleTicker.colors(["#333","#fff"]); //background color , text color
Add the div with the class of
in to your application. Widget will be initialized in to this div. You can add more than one div with the same class name. You can find all of the other Widgets in the Moon Dashboard.
<AnchorDiv class="finage-single-ticker-item">



  • symbol
    : You can enter a symbol that you want to provide to your customers. Because of the some exchanges have the same tickers, you need to define the type of the symbol to get the correct price. Currently available types [:stock, :forex, :crypto, :index, :etf]
  • colors
    : Background color and text colors. If you enter a theme name, this parameter will be ignored.
  • theme
    : You can choose a theme. dark-night, pearl-white and midnight.
  • initWidget
    : This will init your widget in to your application.


Finage's libraries are divided into seperate parts. According to this, you can add only the neccesarry libraries. This will make your application lighter. Our CDNs are hosted in the Amazon's powerful servers.
Add the script that given blow in to your application to use the widget. You do not need to add a CSS library or anything. The script will handle the all of the process.
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
To view all of the other Widgets, please visit the Finage Moon Dashboard

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