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Financial data & solutions
for everyone.

Finage is a real-time stock, currency and cryptocurrency data provider company via API, WebSocket & Widgets.


Simpliest way to build
great applications.

Easy, secure and affordable way to build financial applications and platforms for your business.

Real-Time & Affordable

Our flexible pricing and usage model provide pay only for the data you use. We have developed Real-Time & Historical Data APIs with milliseconds of latency, and 2,500,000+ messages per second located in Amazon AWS Data Centers.

Comprise & Wide Markets

Financial Data, Bulk Historical Data and Widgets designed with multi-platform support. We covered international equities, mutual funds, options, cryptocurrency data - all in one API and/or web socket. Total market coverage, 55,000+ securities.

For Everyone

Finage offers the simplest way to build your application, whether you are a developer or business, with one click to deploy your platform and then run it easily with a single click.

Affordable Pricing with Real-Time Data
Choose your best option.

Unlimited Access. Cancel anytime and refund within 15 days.

Free API Plan
pricing img
$0 / month
  • 1.000 Requests /month
  • 1-Day Updates
  • HTTPS Encryption
  • 7 Years Historical Data
  • Daily Change Included
  • Currency Conversion
  • 7/24 Support
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Start Small & Humble
pricing img
$8.99 / month
  • 30,000 Requests /month
  • 30-Minute Update
  • HTTPS Encryption
  • 15 Years Historical Data
  • Daily Change Included
  • Currency Conversion
  • 7/24 Support
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Grow Your Business
pricing img
$37.99 / month
  • 200,000 Requests /month
  • 5-Minute Update
  • HTTPS Encryption
  • 15 Years Historical Data
  • Daily Change Included
  • Currency Conversion
  • 7/24 Premium Support
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Enterprise Tailored Solutions
pricing img
$78.99 / month
  • 500,000 Requests/month
  • 60-Second Update
  • HTTPS Encryption
  • 15 Years Historical Data
  • Daily Change Included
  • Currency Conversion
  • 7/24 Premium Support
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If you need custom services or need more information, Contact us

US Stocks
U.S. Stocks We are getting the most secure data from the CTA and UTP Feeds via a cable going from our Datacenter to their servers. It's a point-to-point system.

We connect directly to a variety of institutional sources.

We connect to the highest volume exchanges. Level 1 and 2 order books come from the same source.

You can try out API and Widget services for free. No credit card required and we are also providing support during that time. You can upgrade your free package at any time without re-installing.

You can get a refund for your money in 15 days.

We love startups because they are creating massive opportunities for the people they are trying to succeed with. We will be offering a %20 discount for the first month to help those that need it.

You can call our restful APIs, connect to a real-time Websocket or you can install our widgets directly onto your platform.

When you sign up and fill in the requirements for a connection, you can begin accessing the data right away. Currency and Crypto data will be available immediately after you sign up.

Finage for everyone.
Explore our extensive features

Finage Widget Collection
Visuality is the best way to demonstrate complex data for easy understanding. Select custom widgets with different color schemes to best fit best on your platform. Available across most of popular platforms.

Developer Friendly
Our flexible platform works with all the tools you use every day so you can integrate it with your own methods and get started right away. You can run it in C++, Go, .Net, Node.JS, Python, Java, PHP, Ruby and HTML along with sample code and a few other features.

APIs & Web Sockets
Put your key in, integrate with detailed documents, Connect & Start with one click and you're ready to receive tailored secure real-time data with super low latency over TCP protocols.

Wide Data Coverage
There are dozens of data resources you can use on your platform. Financial statements, Ownership, Analyst’s Estimates, Stock API, Forex & Crypto API, News Sentiments, Earning Call Transcripts, Merger and Acquisitions and more are included in your request.

about us

Most Flexible - Ready to use.
Choose your way to go.

We have flexibility and a variety of options for everybody. Whoever you are - whatever your plans, we are ready to serve you from scratch with enterprise market capabilities and the best practices to help you get started. Visit our section to learn more.

  • Start with a humble beginning

  • Best for Blogs and News Pages

  • Use of widgets, such as Wordpress, Joomla and others, is a common feature.

  • Affordable prices for startups.

  • One click to install the sign in and start using it.

Focus Innovation - Flexible Development Options

Build your application in any major programming language you are familiar with. Spend your time creating something amazing without wasting any more time by integrating your language into another language.

  const WebSocket = require('ws');

  /* No API Key Required, your server's IP address will be allowed by us.
  There are no vulnerability or unnecessary stages. Ready to use! */

  const ws = new WebSocket('wss://');

  ws.on('open', () => {

  ws.on('message', ( data ) => {
    console.log(data);  // All currencies included to the JSON

  ws.on('error', console.log);