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Get live stock market data in Real-Time streaming within milliseconds, and boost your application today with Finage's WebSocket & API.

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Historical Data

30 years of historical stock data API for all stock exchanges with last price, OHLCV, aggregate, LV1 and LV2 market depth data.

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Financial Fundamentals data will empower your website with stock quote charts, stock news, market status, and company details via stock API.

Finage has 100% Market Coverage, check out the full list of stock exchanges and symbols.

Market Coverage

Stock Market JSON API

Unlimited Access
  • Last Price
  • Historical End of Day Data
  • Historical Order Books (L1 & L2)
  • Stock Market Aggregates
  • Stock Market Details
  • Stock Market Status
  • Tick data
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Finage offers low latency and the best performance for your product with more than 25.000+ US stock data and other global markets.
"symbol": "AAPL",
"ask": 118.55,
"bid": 118.53,
"timestamp": 1604710766331
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Stock Market Real-Time WebSocket

Institutional level connection.
"symbol": "AMZN", "ask": 3219.39, "bid": 3195, "timestamp": 1603271317358986502 "symbol": "AMZN", "ask": 3216.44,"bid": 3194.22, "timestamp": 1603271500302658979 "symbol": "AMZN", "ask": 3216.44,"bid": 3194.22, "timestamp": 1603271502055758119 "symbol": "AMZN", "ask": 3212, "bid": 3194.22, "timestamp": 1603271505454632038 "symbol": "AMZN", "ask": 3212, "bid": 3194.22 "timestamp": 1603271507351356973
WS Documentation
  • Real-Time Trade Price
  • Real-Time Quote Price
  • Stock Aggregates
  • Stock Imbalances
  • Limit Up & Downs
  • <1ms low latency option
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Finage offers you a public server, VPS, and dedicated server for your applications. Edit, manage and build your own plans on your private server. Change the incoming data structure in minutes.

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Access to stock market data sets with Finage subscription.

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