Annaly Capital Management. Inc. New York Stock Exchange
Open: $6.33 High: $6.429 Low: $6.21 Close: $6.299
Range: 2022-06-27 - 2022-06-28
Market: Open
Annaly Capital Management. Inc. 1211 AVENUE OF THE AMERICAS
Annaly Capital Management Inc is an American mortgage real estate investment trust. The company segments its operations into Residential and Commercial real estate investments. While Annaly's Residential assets are primarily comprised of agency mortgage-backed securities and debentures, it is primarily invested in commercial mortgage loans and mortgage-backed securities in its Commercial unit through its subsidiary, Annaly Commercial Real Estate Group. Agency mortgage-backed securities and debentures make up the majority of the company's overall portfolio. Most of the company's counterparties are located in the U.S. Annaly generates nearly all of its revenue from the spread between interest earned on its assets and interest payments made on its borrowings.
  • CEO: Kevin Keyes
  • Employees: 171
  • Sector: Real Estate
  • Industry: REITs
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