Rocket Companies, Inc. US Stock
Open: $6.96 High: $7.19 Low: $6.96 Close: $7.155
Range: 2022-06-23 - 2022-06-24
Market: Closed
Rocket Companies, Inc. 1050 WOODWARD AVENUE https://ir.rocketcompanies.com
Rocket Companies is a financial services company that was originally founded as Rock Financial in 1985 and is currently based in Detroit. Rocket Companies offers a wide array of services and products but is best known for its Rocket Mortgage business. The company's mortgage lending operations are split between its direct-to-consumer lending, which sees borrowers accessing the company's lending arm directly through either its mobile app or website, and its partner network where mortgage brokers and other firms use Rocket's origination process to offer loans to their customers. The company has rapidly gained market share in recent years and is now the largest mortgage originator in the U.S. as well as the servicer for more than 2 million loans.
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  • Employees: 26,000
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