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Open: $6.37 High: $6.975 Low: $6.05 Close: $6.925
Range: 2022-08-08 - 2022-08-09
Market: Open
WW International, Inc. Common Stock 675 AVENUE OF THE AMERICAS https://corporate.ww.com
WW International (Weight Watchers rebranded) is one of the largest global providers of weight loss solutions, generating $1.2 billion in 2021 revenues (good for low-single-digit percentage market share, by most estimates). The firm has expanded its purview beyond its historical dietary focus, now offering an integrated wellness solution that extends into sleep tracking, fitness, mental health, and nutrition services through its mobile application ecosystem. The company also maintains a small ($45 million) health solutions segment, through which access to the firm's myWW+ platform is provided to employees of small- and medium-business clients in the U.S.
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