Zillow Group, Inc. Class A Common Stock Nasdaq Global Select
Open: $116 High: $123.53 Low: $115.64 Close: $121.7
Range: 2021-06-23 - 2021-06-24
Volume: 855,441
Market: Open
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Zillow Group, Inc. Class A Common Stock 1301 Second Avenue Seattle WA, 98101 http://www.zillowgroup.com
Zillow Group Inc provides real estate and home-related information marketplaces on mobile and web-based platforms. It helps customers on each stage of the home lifecycle such as renting, buying, selling, financing, and home improvement.
  • CEO: Spencer M. Rascoff
  • Employees: 3,541
  • Sector: Real Estate
  • Industry: Real Estate Services
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  • Affordability and More Space Are Strong Draws for Canadian Home Shoppers, but Rising Prices and Low Inventories Remain Challenging

    It's no secret that Canada's hot housing market is causing anxiety with home sales and prices that are cooling off slightly from this spring, but remain historically high1. A new survey from Zillow and Ipsos reveals that affordability is a top concern, but Canadians are dreaming of a new home and using online tools to help them on their way.

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  • Despite record low rates, 78% of homeowners passed up refinancing last year

    Fewer than a quarter of established homeowners refinanced their mortgages over the last year, even though about half of those who did say they cut their monthly payments by at least $300. Those savings often went toward home renovations or paying off debt.

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  • Where Will Zillow Be in 10 Years?

    Zillow (NASDAQ: Z) (NASDAQ: ZG) is in the middle of a massive transformation of its business and could disrupt the home brokerage market in the process. Along the way, Zillow could change the way we think about buying and selling homes. Brokers, who are at the center of most real estate transactions, could be part of a bygone era a decade from now, and technology could drive the real estate transaction process.

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  • Zillow Zestimates Go Neural: What It Means for Investors

    Automated valuation models (AVM) like Zillow's (NASDAQ: ZG) (NASDAQ: Z) Zestimate have provided access and ease for estimating real estate values to millions of everyday Americans. Driven by data and algorithms, AVM technology is able to quickly and automatically provide estimated property values using property-specific and sales data. Zillow recently announced major changes to its valuation algorithm, leveraging neural networks to improve the error rate by nearly a whole percentage point.

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  • Forget Dogecoin: This Growth Stock Is a Smarter Buy

    Dogecoin (CRYPTO: DOGE) investors have been on a wild ride this year. Now, investors may be tempted to buy the dip, hoping to strike it rich when Dogecoin returns to growth. Warren Buffett once offered this advice: "The key to investing is...determining the competitive advantage of any given company."

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  • Inventory Rebounds Amid Record Home Value and Rent Growth

    Continued torrid growth in the housing market paired with a long-awaited bump in inventory in May, according to Zillow's® latest Market Report. Home value appreciation continues to break records and typical time on market is down to just six days. Meanwhile, rents are rising quickly across the U.S., breaking out after growth was stymied under the pandemic.

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  • Zillow Launches New Neural Zestimate, Yielding Major Accuracy Gains

    Zillow today launches significant upgrades to its Zestimate® home valuation model. The changes allow the algorithm to react more quickly to current market trends and improve the national median error rate to 6.9% -- an improvement of nearly a full percentage point for more than 104 million off-market homes.

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  • Does The Market Have A Low Tolerance For Zillow Group, Inc.'s (NASDAQ:ZG) Mixed Fundamentals?

    It is hard to get excited after looking at Zillow Group's (NASDAQ:ZG) recent performance, when its stock has declined...

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  • Hedge Funds Are Now Selling Zillow Group Inc (Z)

    The Insider Monkey team has completed processing the quarterly 13F filings for the March quarter submitted by the hedge funds and other money managers included in our extensive database. Most hedge fund investors experienced strong gains on the back of a strong market performance, which certainly propelled them to adjust their equity holdings so as […]

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  • Experts Say Zoning Changes Are Most Effective Path to Boost Housing Supply for a More-Balanced Market

    Relaxing zoning rules would be the most effective way to increase supply in a housing market currently near historic inventory lows, experts say in the latest Zillow® Home Price Expectations Survey.i On the current path, those experts anticipate new construction growth to stall and home prices to rise, resulting in fewer of today's 30-somethings owning homes.

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  • Back the Truck Up for These 3 Growth Stocks

    Not all growth stocks are created equal, and there are three that stand out to me as massive opportunities for investors because of the enormous markets they are in. The stocks I'm talking about are streaming music and podcasting giant Spotify Technology (NYSE: SPOT); real estate company Zillow Group (NASDAQ: Z); and spatial-data company Matterport, which is expected to complete a merger with Gores Holdings VI (NASDAQ: GHVI), a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC), sometime this quarter. Spotify is known as a music streaming company today, but if this is going to be a growth stock, it's going to be because of podcasts.

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  • Americans are moving, but there’s a ‘notable reversal’ in the types of homes they’re choosing

    This trend may be contributing to the record home price growth that’s occurring across the country, but at the same time, people who’ve moved are seeing a financial benefit, according to a new report from Zillow. This was “a notable reversal of trends from prior years,” Zillow economist Jeff Tucker said in the report. While the average size of the homes movers left behind was the largest since Zillow (Z)(ZG) began tracking this data in 2016, the average size of the new homes people chose was even larger.

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  • 3 Growth Stocks for Less Than $200 That Could Spice Up Your Portfolio

    These three companies are in the high-growth markets of augmented reality, real estate marketplace, and e-commerce, respectively.

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  • Most Americans think it’s a bad time to buy a home — but there’s one reason they’re still willing to take the plunge

    A new report from Fannie Mae (FNMA) found that only 35% of consumers believe it is a good time to buy a home, representing a record low since the mortgage giant began its survey in 2010. “Consumers appear to be acutely aware of higher home prices and the low supply of homes, the two reasons cited most frequently for that particular sentiment,” Doug Duncan, Fannie Mae chief economist and senior vice president, said in the report. “The already rushed pace of home buying in the face of limited supply and sky-high demand that has characterized the market since last summer has only intensified with the onset of this year’s busy spring home shopping season,” the Zillow report noted.

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  • Out of Town Movers Reshuffling to Larger, More Affordable Homes

    Americans who made out-of-town moves last year typically paid less money for larger houses, according to a new Zillow® analysis of moving data from northAmerican® Van Lines.

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  • 13 Stocks that Best Performing Hedge Funds are Piling Into

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  • Why Is Zillow (ZG) Down 1.4% Since Last Earnings Report?

    Zillow (ZG) reported earnings 30 days ago. What's next for the stock? We take a look at earnings estimates for some clues.

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  • To Sell Your Home Quickly, List it on a Thursday Before Labor Day

    In today's competitive housing market, the time it takes to sell a home is measured in days, not weeks. Homes listed on a Thursday sell faster on average and are more likely to sell above list price than those listed on any other day of the week, a new Zillow® analysis reveals. And while this spring selling season may not look so different from the rest of the year as the pandemic-fueled market has stayed red-hot through traditional slow periods, Zillow recommends listing your home before Labor

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  • Are property prices in your neighborhood still rising? Blame it on the ‘donut effect’

    In reality, workers who did choose to relocate outside of major cities during the pandemic didn’t go all that far.

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  • 10 Best Software Stocks to Buy According to Cathie Wood

    In this article we discuss the 10 best software stocks to buy according to Cathie Wood. If you want to skip our detailed analysis of Wood‘s history, and hedge fund performance, go directly to the 5 Best Software Stocks to Buy According to Cathie Wood. Catherine Wood, the founder of New York-based ARK Investment Management, […]

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