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How our clients have used Finage’s premium global data to empower their platforms

Finage provides market feeds to thousands of developers, businesses, quants, startups to scale their financial applications

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How Chainlink Nodes bring Market Data to DeFi

As the most widely used and time-tested oracle solution, Chainlink provides a secure and fully functional way to get our existing suite of APIs compatible with leading blockchain networks.

By operating a Chainlink node, we now have a single gateway to supply our data to any current or future blockchain, as well as cryptographically sign our data on-chain to generate integrity guarantees on its origin being directly from Finage. These features significantly expand our addressable market as a data provider, exposing our data to the entirety of emerging DeFi markets taking root across different blockchains.

Setting up the Finage Chainlink node was a seamless process that required minimal time and technical effort on our part.

Finage provides market data for 60,000+ securities, which includes 50,000 stock prices, 2,000 Forex rates, 1,300 cryptocurrency trading pairs, 1,600 Major World Indices, 2,900 Global ETFs and Financial Statements market data. Not only do we provide real-time data from all asset classes, but we also offer historical datasets such as the last price, historical end of day data, historical order books (L1 & L2), aggregates, market status updates, and more.

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How does Big Data Protocol Renovated Web 3.0

Finage working on the Big Data Protocol’s (BDP) Data Marketplace and BDP Alliance to showcase and distribute its data products to the +10,000 investment professionals within the Alliance’s network.

Initially, Finage is launching three base data products on BDP to highlight the depth and scope of its data products. Finage has published samples of its following data products: US & Global Stock Market Quotes and Order Books, Forex Quotes and Ticks, Cryptocurrency Prices and Market Depth.

Big Data Protocol is a DeFi protocol powering a Web 3.0 data marketplace. The Protocol tokenizes commercially valuable data through a network of 14,141 professional data providers and makes the data token liquid on Uniswap. Users earn data by providing liquidity to data tokens.

The Protocol has a vast existing ecosystem of professional data providers by leveraging Amass Insights, the industry’s largest alternative data marketplace, founded in 2015 by our co-founder, Jordan Hauer. Amass Insights connects 14,141 professional data providers with over 10,000 consumers of data, primarily within the capital markets arena.

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Finage Advantages

Finage providing market feeds to 21,000+ clients and counting every day

Algorithmic Traders

Finage’s WebSockets provide the most efficient real-time data streaming services with OHLCV, bid/ask and more in milliseconds for quants building trading bots.

Portfolio Management Tools

Finage provides real-time and historical APIs to source premium-quality datasets to generate institutional-grade investor and analytic insights.

Stock Market Screeners

Finage market data and fundamentals gives access to fintech companies built on easy to understand stock market screeners to empower investors with broad and clear stock datasets.

Forex & Brokerage Firms

Connection prevention systems, customizable global servers and broad data sets enable sustainable trading sessions for Forex and Brokerage firms.

Trading Applications

Finage 60.000+ securities via APIs and Websocket's provides all in one to build a professional trading apps with historical charts, real-time prices, news and fundamentals.

Business Valuations

Finage designed a solution for M&A and Universities that included U.S. and Global fundamentals and market data, that leveraged private company valuations.

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