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Widgets are the best practices for displaying financial data on your websites, blogs and forums. When you need more, you can subscribe to lift up the limits. Integration is super easy.

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Key features
Widgets are ready to use on your Websites/blogs and any platform you would like to display widgets on.
Easy to Use

Widgets are ready to use. No coding required.


You can customise your widgets, choose a theme or choose any color from the color palette.

Fast Load

Our Widget Engine prepares your widget and serves it to you as fast as possible.


You can integrate these widgets anywhere you want.

Ticker Widget

This Widget is used for your websites top or bottom for navigation bar. It is horizontal bar with symbol's last prices, daily changes and daily percentage changes.

Tape Ticker Widget

This is a stock market classic widget that simply displays symbols (prices, daily changes and daily changes of percentages ). Simple, fancy and useful.

Converter Widget

We have reinvented the converter widget with the latest updates and latest prices with the Widget Engine. It's best to use in financial pages and blog webpages.

Mini Converter Widget

It’s a simple and beautiful converter, mobile friendly and fits everywhere you want.

Single Ticker Widget

It's a simple one symbol sized ticker with price, daily change and daily difference.

Historical Chart Widget

You can view the historical data details for a single symbol with the Historical Chart Widget. You can select any timeframe or view a specific date.

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