Being a stock trader 

Before considering career goals, you should decide whether you like a job or not. We recommend that you do not waste your time doing a job that you do not want to do. If you like to do a job, you will start thinking about career steps. We can say that the first step in choosing a career is to make sure you are really willing to continue the career.

As a Finage family, we do our job with pleasure and we look for ways to do more quality work every day. The satisfaction and success of each of the customers we provide data with the Finage Data API system is the main motivation for us. In our blog post today, we will explain the ways to become a stock trader, especially to inform our customers.

Let's start by making sure that being a stock trader is the right career path. you may not realize it, but being a stock trader might be the job for you.

How to Become a Stock Trader

There is no absolute requirement to become a stock trader, but a degree in finance or accounting is useful. Most stock traders to companies that hire, passes from an in-depth training program to teach them the details. Traders who think that college students can try to do an internship to learn more about the brokerage business. Some traders helping other traders on the trading floor trading accounts and begin launching.

Investors will be required to take standardized tests and to complete certain licensing requirements. License requirements, the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) implemented by different licenses depending on the job specifications are required:

1-Series 7 General Securities Sales License to sell most types of securities

2-Series 3 exam, allows investors to trade in commodity futures contracts

3-Series 63 license is required to state law for securities sales

4-Series 8 license is for traders that control the activities of branch sales and governing

to become a stock trader, financed interest, a technical mindset, the ability to understand and use advanced trading software for computers, and requires the request to conduct research.

The ability to think clearly and remain calm under pressure is also important, because if a customer purchase money or receives funds belonging to institutional stockbrokers employers will be days can lose large amounts of money.

In addition, a stock trader must be able to overcome emotional barriers to good trading decisions, since their quick reactions and a good understanding of the market situation is required. Best performing stock traders usually have a burning desire to earn money and not afraid to take risks.

Of course, doing this job alone has huge difficulties. Therefore, it is usually continued by seeking help from more experienced people. There are many privileges to continue with the Finage Stock Data API on this path. If you want to learn about these privileges in detail and to make your success more visible, we recommend you to reach Finage clients.