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What Is Decentralized Finance? A Detailed Guide Part 1 | Beginning of the DeFi?

The finance industry is growing more towards digitalization. More companies are opting for digital platforms to store and manage data. Security is of utmost importance. So this industry is constantly looking for new technologies that will provide security and simplify how customers access Services

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Common Quantitative Trading Mistakes in 2022

The field of quantitative finance is enthralling. In my opinion, the ability to make sense of financial markets using data, arithmetic, and statistics is a fantastic notion. I knew my career in the world of trading would be quantitative ever when I found the paradise of the derivatives market (rat

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What is Forex Trading? A detailed Guide Part 4 | Trends and long-term trades

Returning to the subject of probabilities: E(profit) = p(loss) + (1-p)(profit), where "p" is the probability of hitting your SL, is the expected profit of any trade. The higher "p" is, the closer your SL is to your entering point. You can lower p by being the king of entries, but this requires tim

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What is Forex Trading? A detailed Guide Part 3 | Forex trading strategies

First and foremost, what timescale should you use? The age-old quandary. You can trade the ones that are beneficial to you. Focus on the daily, H8, and H4 charts and use smaller leverage if you work and do not want to (for the time being) perform full-time forex trading. You can trade shorter dura

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What is Forex Trading? A Detailed Guide Part 2 | Fundamentals vs Technicals

Humans have an absurd tendency to cling to their identity. "I am a firm believer in the importance of just fundamental analysis"... "I believe that only technical analysis is effective"... "I solely utilize indications," says the author... "I only utilize pure price movement," says the trader... U

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What is Forex Trading? A Detailed Guide Part 1 | A recap of the basics

Many people come to me with questions concerning currency trading, forex trading, and forex trading tactics. They hear all kinds of rumors and form opinions about it that are either excessively "optimistic" or, on the other hand, "something truly terrifying and impossible." I'll discuss strong for

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What is Ethereum: Cryptocurrency Universe Guide Part Five

What is Ethereum? Ethereum is a system first introduced at the North American Bitcoin Conference by Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin. Although it is generally seen as an altcoin, Ethereum is an innovative system that aims to develop blockchain technology and use it in more areas. Ethereum in sh

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What is Avalanche: Cryptocurrency Universe Guide Part Four

It has been developed by Avalanche Coin Ava Labs, which has been used since September 2020. When you look at what is the avalanche, you can see that it can be scaled and a security network. This coin shown with the AVAX symbol makes it possible to work on a single network that requires and does no

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What is Solana: Cryptocurrency Universe Guide Part Three

Solana is an open-source project that implements a blockchain that does not need high performance and permits. If the operations are not more than 176 bytes, a central database is possible to perform 710,000 operations per second in a standard Gigabit network. A centralized database at the same ti

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What is Chainlink: Cryptocurrency Universe Guide Part Two

The financial technology company in San Francisco, SmartContract launched ERC-20-Based Chainlink, which is the LINK of Chainlink abbreviation in June 2017. By allowing intelligent contracts by developers to access data streams, web APIs, and traditional bank account payments, it is defined as a sa

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