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How to start Algorithmic trading with Python

June 20, 20218 MIN READ Technical Guides

Do you know Python? It's something you'll need if you're serious about financial markets and algorithmic trading. Python is a computer programming language that is used on a daily basis by both institutions and investors for a variety of objectives, including quantitative research (data exploratio

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Best approaches for collection historical market data

June 19, 20217 MIN READ Technical Guides

Anyone interested in financial market statistical analysis will need to process historical data. To backtest or train, you'll need historical data: - Quantitative trading is a term that refers to the practice of trading with - Trading based on statistics. - Replay and walkthrough of the price a

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8 Lessons from Chief Data Scientist to Junior Data Scientist

June 18, 20214 MIN READ Real-Time Data

The transition from a junior data scientist to a chief data scientist is a slow process. As a junior, you are probably unfamiliar with so many terms and practices used in the industry. You have your foundation set, but there’s a lot more to build. With time, you begin to grasp all the intr

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Beginner's Guide to ETF Trading: 7 Best ETF Trading Strategies 

June 17, 20217 MIN READ ETFs API

TABLE OF CONTENTS1-) Cost-per-dollar averaging 2-) Allocation of Assets 3-) Swing Trading4-) Sector Rotation5-) Short Term Investments6-) Seasonal Trend Betting 7-) The Bottom Line: Hedging Because of their many advantages, such as low expense ratios, ample liquidity, a wide range of investment

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Blockchain Token Development Tutorial with Python — How to Create an ERC20?

June 16, 20214 MIN READ Technical Guides

Blockchain platforms are becoming more mainstream and a popular way for trading and commerce. The main factor that facilitates this trading comes in the form of tokens, specifically ERC20. These tokens act as a currency on the platform and can be created by anyone. In this short guide, let’s

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What is Foreign Exchange (FX) Hedging | Your Complete Guide in 2021

June 15, 20216 MIN READ Forex API

What Is Hedging and How Does It Work? A Step-by-Step Guide for Newcomers Hedging is a term that is used in a variety of contexts. The most common scenario, however, is in the world of money and investments. This user-friendly guide will offer you the knowledge you need for a well-rounded unders

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What if Bitcoin hits $100k, that makes no differences?

June 14, 20216 MIN READ Cryptocurrency API

It makes no difference if Bitcoin reaches $100,000. Many people have misunderstood the situation. One of the great illusions in today's culture, I realized, is deceiving yourself into thinking you're getting richer. Bitcoin is making every previous investment/asset look foolish. Bitcoin is somet

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Algorithmic Trading with Reinforcement Learning 

June 13, 20217 MIN READ Real-Time Data

We are following Quantitative Finance offerings for a long time because we believe it doesn't solve the root of people's problems; nevertheless, we feel there is value in utilizing Quantitative Finance as a challenge to design better utility that does precisely that. This is because working on an

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With Cryptocurrency Data APIs, You can easily 10x your money. 

June 12, 20216 MIN READ Cryptocurrency API

You haven't been paying attention to the Cryptocurrency market well enough if you haven't realized that we are in a bull market. Apart from Bitcoin's meteoric rise (from $3,000 to $60,000 in a year), Altcoins have also performed admirably. I'm not trying to brag, but I've 11xed my first cryptocurren

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