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US Stock API - Finage Powered by AI

January 23, 2021 Stock API

Finage is the best Stock API in the US stock market, providing an advantage in terms of price, volume and fast data. In Finage providing data with minimal delay. You can find more information at With Finage's API, many data can be accessed, including Stock market data and fina

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How Robinhood provides commission free crypto trade?

January 22, 2021 Cryptocurrency API

Robinhood, a finance application that allows for commission-free buying and selling in the stock market; Likewise, it announced that it will start to provide commission-free crypto money trading services. Compared to the 1.5-4 percent commissions of CoinBase, the number one crypto currency exchange

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Yahoo Finance API and Google Finance API Alternatives

January 21, 2021 Real-Time Data

What is the Yahoo Finance API? The Yahoo Finance API is a scope of libraries/APIs/strategies to get authentic and continuous information for an assortment of monetary business sectors and items, as demonstrated on Yahoo Finance- A portion of the contributions incorporate m

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Python Stock Market API and Stock News API

January 20, 2021 Stock API

How Do We Make A Simple Python Implementation That Will Help You Draw And Draw Financial Data (All Important Metrics And Ratios You Can Think Of)? Stock market analysis and good investment (for long-term growth) require careful scrutiny of financial data. Various metrics and ratios are often used in

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5 market feeds at Finage - How to use Financial data?

January 19, 2021 Finage News

What are the 5 major market feeds in Finage? - US Stock & Global Stock in real-time API- Forex currency API- Cryptocurrency API- Financial Statements (Fundamentals) API- Financial Widgets (Embedded) Financial data is the most desired financial data in the sector. Today we will explain what kind

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Connect to the Financial Data via WSCAT on Your Terminal

January 18, 2021 Technical Guides

Financial data is more accessible and easy to understand via Finage. In this post, we will talk about how we can use or test the WebSockets on the terminal. Let's start with installing the WSCAT. You need to NodeJS on your computer to install the WSCAT. You can install NodeJS with the given link bel

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Get Free Real-Time Stock Exchange Data with Finage API

January 18, 2021 Stock API

In the financial sector, it is very important to be able to obtain market data in real time. With Finage API, created to present market data for developers, you can easily create your algorithmic trading strategies or investment applications. In addition, Finage API provides real-time stock price

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Finage Academic - Educational usage of Financial Data

January 17, 2021 Finage News

Market data is a major factor in the world of finance. We are so often used to associating it with the business world, we might forget the useful and important role it can play in educating our young future generation of financial professionals.The finance landscape is changing; make sure your

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Guide: Finage Financial Widgets

January 16, 2021 Real-Time Data

In the last post of our blog series, we will talk about Responsive Widgets. We will conclude the one-week Finage products promotion project with this product. Let's remember the Finage products we mentioned in our previous articles. Finage Forex Data API, Finage stock API, Finage fundamantel Data

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5 things to consider before creating an trading platform

January 15, 2021 Technical Guides

All of the participants, investors and brokers in the stock exchange closely follow and use all the developments in the web and mobile field by keeping up with the technology. E-commerce application is a good way to develop a stock market application. However, there is no perfect trading practice

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