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Ticker Widget

This widget is designed to be placed at the top or bottom of your website's navigation bar. It features a horizontal bar that displays the last prices, daily changes, and daily percentage changes of symbols.

Tape Ticker Widget

This classic stock market widget provides a simple, yet stylish and practical way to showcase symbol data.

Converter Widget

Our converter widget has been reinvented with the latest updates and real-time prices, powered by our Widget Engine. It is ideal for use on financial pages and blog webpages, allowing users to easily convert between different currencies or financial instruments.

Mini Converter Widget

Experience the simplicity and elegance of our Mini Converter Widget, which is designed to be mobile-friendly and seamlessly integrated into any section of your website or platform.

Single Ticker Widget

Display a compact ticker for a single symbol, featuring real-time price, daily change, and percentage difference. This widget is perfect for providing quick and concise information about a specific symbol.

Historical Chart Widget

Explore detailed historical data for a single symbol with our Historical Chart Widget. Customize the timeframe and view specific dates to analyze historical trends and patterns.

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