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by Finage at December 18, 2022 5 MIN READ

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7 Books that will teach you about trading


Trading is a lucrative way to make money. It works well whether it is your full-time job or just a side hustle. With so many success stories out there, it comes as no surprise that many people are willing to take a chance on stock trading. The main thing that determines if one will be successful is the skills and knowledge required in trading.


People learn skills in different ways. Some use online courses, demos, podcasts, and mentors to learn the main tricks of the game. Regardless of the method you prefer, books offer invaluable insight into what the best in the game are doing. Quality books with reliable data can help you understand things like technical analysis and the ever-changing marketing dynamics. As a first-time trader or one who has experience in an area, the following books are a must-read.



- The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

- How to Make Money in Stocks by William J. O'Neil

- How to Day Trade for a Living by Andrew Aziz

- A Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton G. Malkiel

- One Up Wall Street by Peter Lynch

- The Art and Science of Technical Analysis by Adam Grimes

- Market Wizards by Jack D. Schwager

1. The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

This book highlights an investment approach to value investing. It is deemed by many including Warren Buffett as one of the best books ever written on investment. Anyone reading this book will find it easy to invest in financial markets.


By using fundamental analysis, the book showcases how you can make the most out of investments that may seem low value. The goal is to find investments that are below the usual price but still profitable and safe. The book has been updated several times and therefore has advice that still works for traders today.


2. How to Make Money in Stocks by William J. O'Neil

Everyone who joins trading does so for one reason, to make money. William J O'Neil shares tips on how anyone can accomplish this by y trading stocks. Making money is not easy unless you have a few tricks up your sleeve.


In his book, you will understand all that is required to make profits while trading. Get techniques that will help you know where and when to invest your money. This book teaches traders which stocks to focus on and which mistakes to avoid.


3. How to Day Trade for a Living by Andrew Aziz

If you are looking for a book with practical information on day trading then this is the one. The author, Andrew Aziz talks about all the things you should know about day trading from analyzing patterns to how to manage risks. 


Anyone reading this book can make more money daily. With the right financial analysis, the author shows that even beginners can make money on the stock market.


4. A Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton G. Malkiel

The only way you can make money from trading is by understanding the basic concepts. Without this, it can be difficult to make the right decision. You need to understand things such as upcoming market trends and investment opportunities.


In this book, you will see that beating the markets all the time is nearly impossible. It will help you create some balance in your portfolio. It discusses several investment strategies and helps you choose the best one. Learn different theories both true and false that you can use daily.


5. One Up Wall Street by Peter Lynch

In this book, Peter Lynch shows traders how they can become experts in their field. By simply carrying out your research you can become better than traders on wall street. Any trader, at any level, can learn useful strategies to apply when making decisions about long-term investments.


You will be able to identify the many investment opportunities that many may not notice. Peter Lynch shows that you don't need a specific environment to be successful. The book also shows how the author applied the same techniques to accomplish success over the years.


6. The Art and Science of Technical Analysis by Adam Grimes

This is one of the best books for anyone looking to learn more about technical analysis in trading. It has information on how to make profitable decisions. It also provides insights into possible trading trends. This book is for newbies and people who have some level of knowledge of technical analysis.


This book will help you make decisions as it has information on possible market trends in the future. You will be able to come up with an effective trading strategy once you grasp the content of this book. Beginners can profit the most from the content in this book.


7. Market Wizards by Jack D. Schwager 

Have you ever wondered what advice the most successful traders would give? This book is exactly that. It contains interviews with many traders over the years. Many traders have made this book a must-read.


It remains popular despite being written over 30 years ago. All traders can profit from reading this book as it has old and new tricks for trading. It includes interviews with traders that could make more than $25,000 a day.


The interviews give a common idea of what one needs to do To be successful. It shows that luck is not enough. You need to understand common concepts and adopt a certain attitude to make profits when trading. Summoning up, and gaining trading skills will separate you from the competition. While joining a course is helpful, you may need to supplement it with books. There are so many great books that will provide useful insights on trading.


The books listed above offer great advice for anyone looking to make extra cash in the trading business. Gain more information and tips from the most successful people in the field. As a beginner, reading these books can put you ahead of your competitors. You can learn basic concepts which can be applied to help you make better decisions on investments.

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