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There are lots of questions asking about APIs on stocks, forex and cryptocurrency. Today I’ll answer all most popular questions about stock APIs.

1-) What is stock market API?

Stock market APIs are financial data whoever would like to build financial applicaitons, tools and platforms with stock prices, news, fundamentals and relevatant informaions belongs to stocks in real-time and also historical. 

2-) Is stock market APIs are free?

Stocks trading in stock exchanges therefore they will execute trading operaitons with efforts. There are couples for financial data providers offering free trials and usage for delayed data.

3-) Is stock API for python, excel and java available?

Stock APIs are mainly depends on the which financial data providers, are you going to use. Mainly most of the financial providers like Finage is offering multi programming languages and excel friendly base system and documentations available for developers for stock API.

4-) What are Commercial use and individuals usage in Stock API mean?

Stock API and Websocket are two concepts using in financial data area. When you would like to display or distribute stock market prices you need a agreement from relevant exchanges then you can display and resell this stock market data on your platform with WebSocket. 

When you want to use delayed and internal project you will need stock API then that would be non pro-usage and there wouldn't be need to pay fees.

5-) Are Stock API for developers only?

APIs means; Application Programming Interface, which is a software bridge that allows two applications/programs to talk to each other. Stock APIs are mainly use for developers but easy to learn for everyone.

6-) How can i build chart with stock API?

You can build by your own with a small efoort using premade chart frameworks you can also use financial widgets they are also avaliable for free and very easy to implement on your website or application. There are couples of stock charts like; ticker, candle, volume base, historical and more.

7-) What is REST API on Stock Market API ?

REST architecture allows APIs to deliver data in multiple formats such as plain text, HTML, XML, YAML, and JSON. JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. That is the easy way to parse and lightweight data format.

The best way to deliver stock market API with JSON is also the most popular way to take responses for developers.

8-) What does Stock Quotes, Stock Trades and Stock Tickers means?

Stock Quotes means top of the books Bid and Ask prices.

Stock Trade data means the record of trades that were actually transacted.

Stock Tick data is the most granular high-frequency data available, that means whenever a trade happens that data has that %100 all trades.

9-) How to get Stock API?

You might easily get from a financial data provider company. You can start with subscribing to Finage Stock API.