Advanced & Easy Guide: Your First Steps to Becoming a Blockchain Developer


Getting into the blockchain development industry is relatively easy. Getting a job as a blockchain programmer is harder. A good first start is to learn everything about the frontend first and how to interface with blockchains, and afterwards, become a full-stack developer.


Crypto and Blockchain programming is a fast-growing industry and a fun career. If you learn to program and start with small courses, it gets easier over time. It is about learning how to write, drive-in and get acquainted with all those tools that make everything so much easier today.


If you dream to work for a famous software company like Ethereum, we have prepared some unique tips and steps to help you start. Yes, it is not as easy as it sounds at first. It is really hard, frustrating and may take lots of your time. However, when you get more familiar with crypto, blockchain and programming, it would be extremely satisfying and meaningful, including great payment and profit.



Getting Started: Courses & Knowing the Basics

Unique Tips You Can Take Into Account

Step-by-Step Plan


Getting Started: Courses & Knowing the Basics

To get into the industry, you have to manage to become a developer. You can start with online courses to get your full-stack developer certificate. It may take three months to learn the basics and a year and a half to become a full-stack professional in crypto and blockchain tech.


Besides this, you can get special tools and a laptop that are designed for coin mining and start investing in cryptocurrencies. This method can help you get acquainted and generally educate yourself about this new technology.


For some people, the Covid pandemic helped to find more time for development courses to fully enrol a developer Bootcamp. You can find many opportunities and courses online, free Bootcamps that start processing applications for Blockchain lessons even right now. The programme could take around 3-4 months to begin working in the industry as a blockchain developer in a junior position.


Let’s make a list with main highlights before you start learning blockchain, you have the following points to think about first:

Get the highest paid skills in tech by starting a Blockchain course. Whether you are an advanced programmer already and you want to transition into blockchain or whether you are a total newbie starting from scratch, then you have to start studying programming and code or upgrade your skills in the industry. You can start with Bootcamps, Coursera and Udemy courses. If you have courses in your location, go for it.


Further, you can look at a job posting for an internship. It may be great if you're just starting. You want to get your foot in the door as fast as possible because sometimes that's a good way to get started and an internship is even better than coding Bootcamps. As for most of the Bootcamps, you have to pay as you study; however, some schools offer a zero-up-front program which means Income Sharing Agreement to allow students to study and cover the costs over time once you are employed. Some educational programs offer free courses and a contract with a requirement of working around 2-3 years for a company. But you can graduate with a certificate.


→ Learn programming languages. The requirements in job posting you can master during the working experience. Mostly, companies want to experience Javascript and strong computer science fundamentals that are general stuff just as general as blockchain knowledge. Some companies are looking for a person who knows node, C++, Python and Javascript plus ethereum technologies. A programming language used for ethereum smart contracts is Solidity. It is great to understand how smart contracts function because you are going to probably be interacting with them even if you are just a front-end developer in the blockchain.


→ Check and answer some frequently asked questions, bring clarity and answer some general stuff like:

  • What do blockchain developers do and what devices do you need to acquire before you start learning? You can teach yourself with some online resources, on-demand video content, tutorials and courses, and get involved in digital strategy group initiatives so that's where your skills are going to come into play. This will help you understand what you need for your work, and get into a community where you can ask questions;
  • Should you learn blockchain first or should you learn a bunch of other programming languages before you start or transition into the field? Is it about front-end or back-end development? By working in the front-end development, the blockchain may sound like it's a full-stack position. Yes, you'll touch the back-end and the front-end. Mostly, companies want somebody who knows golang and/or node.js knowledge of ethereum smart contracts, knowledge of reacting DevOps skills. google cloud platform, docker, etc. Anyway, you don't need to go through everything but the whole idea is a full stack developer position.
  • Look at real-world salary data, so you can start with some job postings and also see the position requirements (note: blockchain companies pay more compared to other technical fields. If you're just starting from scratch or maybe you're in another software development niche already and you're trying to figure out where you want to specialize then blockchain is pretty attractive compared to the alternatives).


Unique Tips You Can Take Into Account

Blockchain is going to be super hot for some fields. It is a huge trend as let's say for supply chain, real estate, e-commerce, decentralized finance which is taking existing financial products and moving them over to the blockchain, things like trading, etc. We can see the adoption here. Therefore, you have to focus your attention on the following aspects:

  • Tip#1: Get into subcategories such as IT Security, UI/UX, e-commerce, gaming, networking, smart contracts, etc.
  • Tip#2: Know how to work with basic tools and programs like Google Excel and Word, and Powerpoint.
  • Tip#3: Learn how to work with Visual Studio Code.
  • Tip#4: Acquire the certificates that will show your soft and hard skills.
  • Tip#5: Create a professional CV and portfolio: invest your time in making a good piece.
  • Tip#6: Find a mentor who will help you at the start. Always ask questions if you are confused and to quickly solve the issue.
  • Tip#7: Start investing in solid devices and tools. With over 60 open windows on your laptop, slow speed and low computer capacity, it can become a nightmare.
  • Tip#8: If you are a newbie and starting learning a new framework and how to code, think as you learn a new language such as Italian or French. Writing code means you communicate with a computer, therefore, it is like learning a new language.
  • Tip#9: Create a timeline of events that took you to get into the blockchain developer. You can also record the progress.


Step-by-Step Plan

The following steps are just a combination of professionals’ advice and feedback from people. It is great guidance, especially, for complete beginners:

  • Step#1: Find a good school and boot camp with positive feedback.
  • Step#2: Learn the code, even if it might be boring sometimes, you need to achieve good results. Remember that it takes lots of time and effort.
  • Step#3: Use Google and get acquainted with its tools.
  • Step#4: You have to spend a lot of time on tutorials and docs. Read carefully the requirements when writing code.
  • Step#5. Learn a language to get that confidence and know what’s going on.
  • Step#6: Start creating a CV and a good portfolio to show your reputation.
  • Step#7: Start getting new contacts during courses and education, collect contact data and connect with experts in the field by using social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Discord, Reddit, LinkedIn, Medium, Publish0x, YouTube)
  • Step#8: Do your research and homework. Programming is about new knowledge and skills, you have to develop a good memory.
  • Step #9: Collect your tools and accounts, make it structured as you will download loads of programs and files, SDKs, IDEs, etc.
  • Step#10: Do not forget about development-related programs and sources like Github, Google Docs, Zoom, StackOverflow, MongoDB, etc.
  • Step#11: Join hackathons and participate if you can.
  • Step#12: Do not quit if you start your project. You can always improve your skills online and find inspiration within websites as:


People with zero programming experience become real-world blockchain developers with boot camps, courses and great mentors. Check Youtube tutorials and people’s success stories to get motivated. Believe us, if you are motivated, you will find your first blockchain developer job in one or two months. We hope this information would be helpful and useful for you guys. 

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