Best way to display financial data – Widgets

We love visual instruments, and we use presentations to demonstrate business, education, life, and statistics to sum up everything. We need to see things in order to understand them.

Financial information is the most important thing in our century of understanding markets. When we think about the financial data showing up on websites/blogs and platforms – widgets are the best practice. But traditional widgets are either slow, complex, or ugly therefore no one wants to put them on their websites.

We understand that we need to reinvent the design and usage of widgets from scratch.

Starting from basics

When we think about the target users of widgets, they are mostly blogger/admins and editors of newspapers. They aren’t masters at coding or development.

We wanted to build something that would work with just clicks, no coding, no more complex customization processes – just select, customize, and publish them with just a few clicks.

Widgets are created for everyone select, customize and publish on your page with just a few clicks – its that easy.

For all these reasons we build Moon Dashboard – Widget section for you.

You can register your website or your platform IP address to start.

There are six different widgets Finage offer;

Ticker Widget

This Widget is used for the top or bottom of your website for the navigation bar. It is a horizontal bar with the symbol’s last prices, daily changes, and daily percentage changes.

Tape Ticker Widget

This is a stock market classic widget that simply displays symbols (prices, daily changes, and daily changes of percentages ). Simple, fancy, and useful.

Converter Widget

We have reinvented the converter widget with the latest updates and latest prices with the Widget Engine. It’s best to use in financial pages and blog webpages.

Mini Converter Widget

It’s a simple and beautiful converter, mobile-friendly, and fits everywhere you want.

Single Ticker Widget

It’s a simple one symbol sized ticker with price, daily change, and daily difference.

Historical Chart Widget

You can view the historical data details for a single symbol with the Historical Chart Widget. You can select any timeframe or view a specific date.

Customization & Publish

After you register and submit your IP you are ready to select the widget above. You can select these widgets in the Choose a Widget section below on the Moon Dashboard.

There are three pre-made themes you can select Dark Night, Midnight, Pearl White

You can also create your own style with the Background and Font color section.

After you select your widget you like to use and completed the design part now you can add, remove, or edit symbols you would like to put your widget on it. 

Whenever you make a difference in your customization section Embed code will automatically change below your Moon Dashboard. After you satisfied with your widget, design, and symbols you will just click the code in the Embed code section and paste into your website wherever you like to use it.

Get your free Widgets now!