Market data is a major factor in the world of finance. We are so often used to associating it with the business world, we might forget the useful and important role it can play in educating our young future generation of financial professionals.The finance landscape is changing; make sure your students curriculum is keeping pace with a financial data portal for higher education. 

Finage Academic delivers real-time and historical US stock prices, Fx(currencies), cryptocurrencies and fundamentals via API, along with tutorials, labs, and other teaching tools for students, educators, and researchers.


Finage Academic has the features mentioned below;


Individual Dashboard

Every student, lecturer, administrator, and researcher able to signup and access the financial data dashboard with separated accounts

and it only takes seconds.


Virtual Interface

Users can access the web interface from their personal computers at any time and explore data via API.


Advanced Algorithms

Students learn critical skills like; building algorithms, using APIs, and coding in popular programming languages like R and Python.


Collaborative Work 

Finage’s platform paves the way for code collaboration, seminars, workshops, case studies, demos, and much more. 


Simple Documentation 

Finage Academic includes extensive documentation for all of our access methods and endpointsto get users up to speed quickly. 


Relevant Instructions 

The platform is designed to showcase how real financial institutions use data, based on our work with hundreds of customers.


There is a high demand for specialists who can meet the wants of financial related firms with custom applications such as customer-facing venture administration entries, monetary advisor program arrangements that help create portfolios and oversee exchanges, or robotized investment systems are utilizing to ML - machine learning for maximizing investors portfolio values.


Finage academic doesn’t just make data simple for your students — it’s also simple for youradministration. We are minimizing setup steps and providing regularly maintenance, our platform gets automatic updates for new features with live support available 7/24 and our market feeds could be easily integrate into your current curriculum.


Financial data on Higher Level Education

That said, there is no better way to inculcate true understanding than connecting theory directly to present-day practice – and that is
what Finage Academic is all about.


The true learning experience can only be achieved with the right people, vision, technology and hard work. Finage is always looking to collaborate and partner with universities and learning institutions. It is important to create simpler, more accessible approaches to fueling tomorrow’s market.

You can contact to Finage consultants to get more informaions about Finage Academic packages.