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by Finage at December 14, 2020 2 MIN READ

Finage Updates

Finage Summary of the 2020

Let's examine the year 2020.

First of all, we hope that you and your relatives are healthy. Almost all of us had to spend this year making it the simplest and minimizing our movements. but in this process, we believed that the things we focused on were the most important to us, and we eliminated everything that prevented us from reaching our distraction goal. The Finage team left 2020 behind with this stable and determined stance. 

Here for Finage 2020:

Growth in Basic Products

Thanks to the Finage data API team and dedication, it has achieved serious success in basic data and market data. Finage has increased its holistic focus on key data products and market data products and has made this focus on innovation. We are aware of how important and valuable this data we have mentioned is for our customers. precisely, for this reason, we would like to announce that we have made improvements in data quality with all our energies and that we have improved our access methods by adding new features.

With the diversity of our data source program, we continue to meet all your financial data needs we offer you and we are proud of it. The innovations we made on our website were prepared to inform our visitors in more detail about the products. We recommend you take a look here.

Option Data

Our option data, which we offer in real-time upon intense demand, reaches you with a serious filtering method. Attracting Finage option data pricing data required significant infrastructure investment in addition to front-end licensing and delivery costs. Our filtered option data becomes most useful with real-time operations and elimination of unfiltered option data.

Selling process

In 2020, Finage continued on its way by simplifying sales and recruitment processes. While our team provides the opportunity to meet with all interested visitors, we direct our visitors to consultations by requesting a meeting. This method provides information about whether Finage is suitable and sufficient for you before you decide whether to work with us or not. At the same time, with this method, you can see the transparency of our resources, team, and working performance. If you decide to work with us, we will start negotiations with a pricing and study plan for you.

While evaluating the offers in this process, our team, who searches for the best solution for you, will start the solution trials and start the testing process. We create a communication network to answer all your questions and your team and we take care to be understandable.

We can say that 2020, in which we started many innovations such as improving our ticketing process and developing our software, was the year of development for us and therefore for you.

We are proud to say that our goals for 2021 in the next year are even greater. We want to grow our Finage family with you, with even higher data quality, more extensive work, and more innovation. We look forward to 2021 as excited and impatient as anyone else.

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