Finage's Fundamental Data

This article is intended to explain the types of data we can provide. We believe that we will answer the question of why you should work with us with the information we will list in the subheadings.

About Finage

We are a financial institution that provides incomplete data flow for businesses, small and large investors. Finage Data API we work with is the biggest foundation of our first quality service delivery.

This infrastructure, which brings together custom solutions across a large number of providers, delivery mechanisms, and data types, offers many technologies and support as exemplified.


It forms the whole of financial statements filed by public companies to the relevant places. Companies are required to report this data in management discussions and notes as required by law.

This dataset, which consists of numerical and text data from financial statements, consists of standardized tables that normalize the data and combine it with a security main unit, while also includes calculated measurements and data quality controls.

Our Fundamentals Data

The main data we provide you with the Finage Data API are:

As-Reported Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Statement of Cashflows

The transparent nature of our financial API system, which provides data access in a very short time, is one of the reasons why our customers are preferred. While you can directly access labels and numerical values ​​reported by companies, you can also access filing codes.

Filing is done for specific companies, with data labels or as specific periods and filing types. This allows you to access the historically filed data of the company you work for. that is, it is an easy and precise way to see exactly what is reported in the file you want to review data for any date you want.

We would like to state that our system, which we say is easily accessible, is within the scope of our customers and our access permission.

The Finage Data API system you will work with is a security master system. We would like to state that we have encountered some difficulties in our own security system, but we increase our quality day by day with improvements in order to provide you with good service and to do this in the safest way.

It should be said that there are many more elements that we will not be limited to the items we have listed. However, if you want to work with us or get more detailed information, Finage team and consultants will be waiting for you.

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