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Humankind the most intelligent creatures in our World. We build empires, tools, devices, and the most spectacular buildings. But the most important invention in human history is Computers. 

After the computer age began everything changed completely for us. When we look backward there isn't an invention that changed our World before like computers.

From space race to entertainment, communication to all services running by computer systems at the moment. There is only one device that can beat Humans — Computers. 

The Age of Men is over. The Time of the Bots has come.

A Chess match played in New York City in 1997 and won by Deep Blue. The 1997 match was the first defeat of a reigning world chess champion by a computer under tournament conditions. 

There is also a new company called Open AI that beats the most strong teams and world champions on Dota in 2019.

When we look at the past and now CPU powers doubled every year except Moore's Law refers to Moore's perception that the number of transistors on a microchip doubles every two years, though the cost of computers is halved. That means when the CPU gain more power AI running faster and software engineers creating new algorithms and techniques to create smarter artificial intelligence. 

AI can write poets, draw paintings completing huge music songs, and playing every game better than the smartest humans in the world. When AI passes humans in every area an idea came up in the minds. Can AI beat financial markets, a computer earns more money than Warren Buffett. If AI simulates millions of stocks with real-time data and combined them with the news, tweets, indicators, historical data, and buy sells, to sum up, they can easily calculate millions of elements and buy or sell specific stocks or anything tradable in milliseconds that will change everything.

Nowadays there are plenty of trading bots, AI predicts and trade but the most successful one only has a %68 success rate if everything going well. But when AI gets powered by new generation real-time financial data and CPU power are they can %100 success rate soon?

We are providing the newest financial data in the industry and given powered by AI on the delivering side. When we get the real-time data from stock exchanges or smart in-memory cache engine and connection prevention algorithm made Financial data smarter and easier for anyone who would like to build next-generation software can help investors or companies.  

Finage providing stock API, forex API, and cryptocurrency API with AI-powered technology who would like to build financial apps, platforms, and trade applications.

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