Foreign Exchange Market Feeds - FX API

Forex: Foreign Exchange is the biggest financial unit in the world. In 24 hours over 5 Tirrilon Dollar trade happing in the world. These are handling by Central Banks, Banks, Forex Companies, Investors, and Brokers. When you think about the side of this market data, all currencies price, historical prices, and real-time streaming become more important.

When you need to start a trade business or payment gateways to sum up anything important for people, I have to include FX data. There are lots of sources to obtain this data with delayed, historical but when the subject comes to real-time WebSocket even the latency requires a professional touch and reliable platform.

Finage has over 40 sources from North America, EU, ASIA, and more continents, we are combining these data from Central Banks, Banks, and Major Forex companies our FX coverage is over +1300 currency and also indices, metals, gas, and more. We have international server locations to become close to your server. This will provide the lowest latency and the most reliable solutions for your business.

Forex API included real-time requests and historical over 15 years. Real-Time Forex WebSocket included real-time by streaming method up to ~1ms regarding your needs.

You can easily create your own platforms with Finage's FX API or WebSocket with the most affordable and reliable packages.

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