In the last post of our blog series, we will talk about Responsive Widgets. We will conclude the one-week Finage products promotion project with this product. Let's remember the Finage products we mentioned in our previous articles. Finage Forex Data API, Finage stock API, Finage fundamantel Data API, Finage crytpocurrency Data API and finally Finage Responsive Widgets.


Responsive Widgets

It is a Finage product that we will recommend for your projects. Finage global forex, stocks, and cryptocurrency flows, and you can make your projects more successful by getting your Financial Tools - Band stripes, Signs, Historical and conversation widgets. you can also view real-time streams of stocks, forex, and cryptocurrency markets through widgets on your Platform.


Easy-to-use Widgets are prepared for you and made available to you by our teams, customizable according to your usage area and needs. You can customize your widgets, choose a theme, or choose any color from the color palette.


Our Widget Engine prepares your widget and presents it to you as quickly as possible. This feature means starting a time when you will enjoy doing fast work for you. Doing your work faster keeps your projects up to date at the maximum level.


Doing business with up-to-date data will help you increase your success and project quality. You can integrate these widgets wherever you want. The ability to be integrated according to your usage areas is due to the widgets becoming more usable.


Converter Widget

With the Widget Engine, we reinvented the converter widget with the latest updates and the latest prices. It is best to use it on financial pages and blog web pages.


Mini Converter Widget

It is a simple and beautiful converter, mobile friendly and fits anywhere you want.


Single Floating Widget

A simple symbol-sized stock with price, daily change and daily difference.


Historical Graph Widget

You can view historical data details of a single symbol with the History Graph Widget. You can choose any time period or view a specific date.


Our advice about Finage products is always to get in touch with Finage consultants. Finage consultants will please you by being able to shape the data according to your needs and will make the Data API types ready for use upon your request. your success is our success.