In the first article of the blog series we started this week, the data we shared with you was the crypto money Data API, while the second article was the stock market data API. Today we will continue with our third article, forex Data API. While describing the sales types of Finage forex Data API product, which is one of our most used data provider interface types, we will also mention the differences.

Forex Data API, which has a huge value globally, offers Real-Time and Historical Currency (FX) rates from more than 200 world currencies via WebSockets and APIs. Forex data has been adjusted according to the usage area of ​​the customer with various options.

Real time

Stream live forex data in milliseconds in Real-Time and power your app today with Finage's WebSocket and API. The biggest benefit of working with real-time data is accessing the most up-to-date data quickly. Thanks to this speed, you can double the success in your business and the more successful work will lead you to a higher quality job.

Historical data

30-year historical forex data API for all forex exchanges with data on the latest price, OHLCV, total, LV1, and LV2 market depth. It is very easy for Finage customers working with this data provider to plan the data you can observe historically. The planned and steady steps will please you with little risk.

Basic knowledge

Financial Fundamentals data will empower your website with global currency charts, forex news, and market situation through the forex API.

Forex Data JSON API

Finage offers low latency and the best performance for your product with over 1300 forex, commodities, bonds, and metal symbols.

Unlimited access

Final price

Past End of Day Data

Historical Layout Books (L1 and L2)

Forex Totals

Forex Details

Forex Status

Mark data

Forex Real-Time WebSocket

Finage offers you a public server, VPS, and a private server for your applications. You can organize your own plans on your private server.

Don't forget to contact Finage consultants for detailed and more information. Finage consultants, who will work with you as a team, will prepare the most suitable data provider for you to solve all your financial problems.