API Call Mechanism

There is a term we use frequently in all our blog posts. The Finage Data API. however, we have never explained this API and API call. In this blog post, we will actually touch on the brain of our working process. We will actually answer very basic questions such as "What are API and API calls?" "How do API call limits work in Finage data plans?" And "How do API calls count?" keep reading.

What is API call?

We have mentioned that API means application programming interface in our previous blog posts. but we were left to explain that much. To put it in detail, it's a fancy term for a tool that retrieves data from a database so a developer can view this data in their app.

The Finage Data API, on the other hand, has various databases such as stock quotes, balance sheets, economic data, and a huge financial information database such as FDIC call reports.

Our data flows offer a systematic way of attracting our users to the API program they want to use for convenience. This pulling of data is called an API call. API types that need to be made ready for use in the API system are called by Finage to be presented to the customer.

All plans have API call limits. Some may have per-second, per-minute, or daily request limits. If you choose to work with the Finage Data API, your support team will make the API call limitation that will be the most suitable for your use.

Since Finage plans come in units of API calls, it's important to understand exactly how much data you can get with an API call. For most data types, an API call provides you with a data point.

An API call to a developer who builds an application is also charged to retrieve this data. There are two exceptions to the 1 data point = 1 API call rule.

For historical stock prices, it is possible to reach up to 100 stock prices in a single API call. It is impossible not to notice the privileges of working with The Finage, that is, working with Finage Data API.

You can review our other blog posts to understand the importance we attach to transparency. We consider your success as our success by prioritizing reliability. You can call the Finage counseling service for more information.