How Do Experts Find the Stocks will Go Up 100% Before No One Knows?


The stock market is the only platform preferred by many people for investment. The increase or decrease in the value of the stocks causes profit or loss to the investors. For this reason, many people who have savings and want to buy stocks go through a rigorous research process before investing. So, how do find the stock that will earn the most?


First of all, you should not think that this research will completely profit you. Because no matter how much analysis you do, stock research will only be a guiding factor for you. Other than that, research will not promise you 100 percent profit or income. However, it is a process that will prevent you from buying valuable paper (stocks) without doing stock research unconsciously.


The process can be defined as the process of investors deciding whether or not to buy a stock. Although it may seem simple at first, for people who will invest heavily, buying a stock that will not yield a profit may reduce their savings. For this reason, if you are considering adding a company's stock to your portfolio, you should do good stock research. We can answer the question of how to do stock research with fundamental analysis. People who want to invest in the first place examine the financial situation of the company they are considering to buy the stock. In addition, the development of the company, innovations, and investments to be made are also examined within the scope of fundamental analysis. All of these analyzes and examinations constitute the basic analysis process. These studies can be classified as quantitative and qualitative.


An investor should look at concepts such as earnings per share and earnings when researching a stock quantitatively. In addition, the net income obtained by investors from stocks after taxes are deducted also has an important place in quantitative research. An investor in stocks should always consider the net income that the stock provides to its investors per paper. Although net income is not a factor on its own in the selection of stocks, it can be considered as an important criterion. In addition, the profitability ratio and return on assets ratio can also be included in the quantitative research. For this reason, good research should be done to find the stock that will earn the most.


In the qualitative research process, what will happen to the stock in the future is analyzed. In other words, questions such as where the company will be in the future, whether the stock will increase or decrease accordingly, or what the company is investing in form the basis of stock research in the stock market. If you think that a company is truly managed by professional people and you anticipate that the company will develop and grow in the future, you can easily invest in the stock of that company. In addition, the company's relations with its competitors and the features that will put the company forward will guide you on whether to buy stocks.


Final Thoughts 


Stock research is a process that is carried out with the personal analysis of the investor. No matter what anyone says, don't blindly tie money to a company's stock without doing your own analysis and research. Instead, research patiently and invest if you truly believe that stock will appreciate.


Because fewer people know about these stocks, it's easier to find them at affordable prices. They won't be bargain stocks if they go mainstream, but if you get in before these stocks go mainstream, it will be fine for you. Sometimes you spend hours researching stocks only to find nothing exciting. On other days, you'll find solid stocks that the market has overlooked. Every once in a while, you may find an investment opportunity that will change your life. 


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