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In today's blog post, we will examine the risk of API systems that we have examined in detail in our previous blog posts, and which we offer to our customers. In addition to data analysis, there is a reason we investigate the risk ratios in the Forex Data API, Stock API, Cryptocurrency API, ETF APIs or Indices APIs systems we examine. to increase the users of the live marketing feed API system and to raise their awareness. In terms of Finage Data API, the most important issue for our customers is that they make conscious use of data systems. Let's get back to our topic now.


Our blog post will consist of two stages. After analyzing the exchange rate risk, we will learn the types of exchange rate risk. Then we will examine the transaction risk. let's start.

Foreign Exchange Risk Management Strategy Guide

Currency risk or exchange rate risk refers to the potential loss an organization may incur as a result of fluctuations in foreign exchange rates. Exchange rate risk is an important factor to consider for any international business, no matter how big or small your company is.

As an accountant, evaluate your company's profit margin of fluctuation in exchange rates may have an impact on what you like and on the balance sheet, and take steps to reduce these risks is good for you. This not only makes for huge amounts of foreign exchange transactions, international banks, and financial institutions are also directly or indirectly in foreign exchange trading also applies to any company engaged in various sectors too.


What is the currency risk?

fluctuations in exchange rates can affect your company's bottom line in several ways. Payments and transfers internationally operating banks and financial institutions, caused by unexpected changes in regulations could be vulnerable to sudden fluctuations in currency values. fluctuations in foreign currency for a company in the manufacturing sector, for example, can affect the price you buy raw materials from another country.

Foreign exchange risk may occur in the form of direct damage of an international company when transfer his money from a country as part of their normal activities or an investment in the value of the company's operations makes it that might fall could occur due to fluctuations in currency. in. Selling products to overseas companies is also affected by forex fluctuations because rising or falling exchange rates can have a direct impact on profit margins and sales forecasts and may eventually affect the bottom line of the company. Fortunately, assess and reduce the foreign exchange risk and protect the profits of your company There are many ways.

Foreign exchange risk types

There is three main foreign exchange risk. These transactional, transformational, and economic risks are.


1-Transaction risk

Transaction risk is the volatility that exists about where the floating rates between different currencies. Transaction risk mainly arises as a result of a transaction when the transaction is completed with the realization that the ratio calculated as the ratio between the price of exchange rate fluctuations.


As a general rule, no matter how much time difference between the time the transaction was carried out and closed the long process that exposed the greater the risk. However, in the case of fluctuations in foreign currency exchange transactions, both ends may be a sharp sword, and the process takes place as the increase in value between the time when the transaction is completed, the difference can cause higher-than-expected earnings.

2-Translation risk

a company that has offices or affiliates in other countries, due to fluctuations in the exchange rate is able to encounter unexpected losses or accounting risks that may arise cyclical risk. This subsidiary that will be denominated in the domestic currency financial statements, the company's main business currencies may occur when converted back to the currency. fluctuations in exchange rates in times like this, which could lead to higher returns less than expected initially parent company.


3-Economic risk

Economic risk is also known as the risks and estimate a company's market value, may occur when inevitably affected by fluctuations in the exchange rate. Fluctuating exchange rates, the estimated budget for the accounting team can make it difficult for companies to plan properly. After currency is converted to know the final amount will eventually reach your account fluctuations, the profits of small or medium-sized companies can also make it difficult to estimate accurately.


The impact of global events on currency exchange

Now, currency events and the changing global scenario is becoming ever more sensitive. Unforeseen geo-political and socio-economic events, the currency used to be that you suddenly and unexpectedly may make clear to the downward pressure.


How to manage foreign exchange risk?

Fortunately, a number of the foreign exchange risk for your company can follow to minimize foreign exchange risk management strategies are different. By applying effective currency risk management strategies, can better predict cash flow, more realistic goals can be set and you can make a better and more accurate estimate for your company. Effective forex risk management strategies can also help you protect your company against fluctuations in the exchange world.

To create a forex risk management strategy

Any good foreign exchange risk management strategy, primarily by determining that begins where the biggest risk for your company. A good accountant will then calculate the rate of exposure to foreign exchange risks. Many companies are using currency risk and hedging techniques to protect the company from unexpected risks in the foreign exchange market.


Numerous banks and financial institutions offer protection from the risk of currency options to companies. benefiting from leveraged foreign exchange trading account, you are able to hedge the risk of your company. Numerous brokers globally offer many trading accounts held in the country. Options contracts, exchange-traded funds, and futures contracts, a form of derivative trading, and foreign exchange risks are just a few ways to protect your company. Derivative financial instruments trading, allows you to take a position in the forex market to compensate for possible currency losses that may be exposed to your company. Among other measures, to protect the currency exposure of your company in an effective period of high volatility in the forex policy is designed to take place.


As the Finage company, we aim to present our articles on more detailed topics such as US Stock API, Live Market Data API, and Algo Trading API in the near future. Beyond that, you can browse our articles on topics such as Finage Stocks Data API, Finage Forex Data API, Finage Cryptocurrency Data API. For your possible questions, Finage consultants will welcome you with team spirit and take care of your questions. Do not forget to contact Finage consultants for data analysis. 



A good risk management strategy, the exchange rate risk exposure is the director of the switch. You can use to protect against unforeseen risks your company has a large number of foreign exchange strategy. The first step is to evaluate the amount of foreign exchange risk exposure of your company and then take steps to reduce these risks.