How to use U.S. Stock Historical API and Real-Time WebSocket

Finage is a financial data provider that’s known for its strong backend and high performance. The Finage WS (FWS) Engine is keeping the connection alive and providing high performance. Let’s dive into the system. 

Finage offers VPS (Virtual Private Server) for every customer that subscribed to any professional WebSocket package. This means you’ll have more control over your server. You can check the total connections, server CPU, and more. 


After your WebSocket subscription, Finage will create two keys for you. 

ADDRESS_KEY: This is used to create your own personal address. For example, if your ADDRESS_KEY is “abcd1234” then you’ll have a WebSocket address like to create a connection.

SOCKET_KEY = This key is like an API_KEY. You need to use this key to create a connection on your server. In addition to this, the FWS engine checks the incoming connection’s IP address, if it’s not in the whitelist, then rejects the connection. For example, if your SOCKET_KEY is “SOCKET_KEY2R2TZMRNTRG...“. Then you can use the address given below to create a connection.


This address is your own and can only be used by you.

After the connection, you can subscribe to a symbol with the command given below;


Also, you can subscribe to more than one symbol at one time


Unsubscribing a symbol is easy also;


You’ll get the responses from the server after your subscription. 

"symbol": "AAPL",
"ask": 111.82,
"bid": 111.8,
"timestamp": 1603920820567

Finage also has an open, high, low, close (OHLC), and volume values. We can add it to your response and edit your responses according to your needs. In Finage, you can define your own rules. 


Finage has 30-Year Historical U.S. Stock API. In our packages, the default package is 15-Year Historical U.S Stock API. According to your needs, you can customize your professional package. 

It’s easy to use Finage’s historical API. After your subscription, we will define an API KEY to your account. You can see your API KEY in the dashboard (

For example, let’s see APPLE’s OHLC and Volume data in 2005-02-03 ;

After the request, you will get a response like;


With Finage, you have the freedom to customize, edit, and create your own rules on the system without any coding or extra fees. Our tech team is always ready to help you out.

Let’s get started.