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What Is Web 3.0? How To Make Money with Web 3.0? 

The concept called WEB 3.0 refers to the full blockchain supported and personalized version of the internet that can be used as Decentralized and Peer to Peer. In the internet system we currently use, that is, in the WEB 2.0 system, information is controlled by central powers. All information re

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The 10 Best-Performing Stocks of 2021

Some sectors and industries have been hit hard due to the recession that we are in nowadays. If you want to do investment in the financial market bank stocks, or you prefer to deal with oil and the energy market which also has been volatile, or maybe real estate investment or in a variety of stock

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What Is a Node & How the Node Operators Work?

The crypto world is a very interesting and lucrative industry. But there are so many things about cryptocurrency that are complex. One such thing is a node. Node is a link or connection within a network. It can also be defined as a system that is connected to a network. It has several functions

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What Is WebSocket: Guide to Using WebSocket on Market Financial Data

With WebSocket, an entire market can be asked for without any limitations concerning the number of symbols requested. In fact, over 6000 symbols are at your disposal with the typical Websocket feed. When dealing with real-time transaction rates over an optimal period of time your standard Python

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What Is the Economic Calendar? How to Use It with Forex Data API?

An economic calendar refers to a release of scheduled events or dates that might have an effect on the stock market and Forex in general. These dates might make the market go up or down, leading to serious variations in the prices. If you are creating a portfolio, assessments or chart patterns,

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How to Trade on Options? Beginner Guide

Stephen Callahan, vice president of customer service at Firstrade, a fintech brokerage firm that offers options traders zero commissions, zero options, says Options trading can be a great way to increase your income, limit your risk and hedge against market fluctuations at the same time. Contract

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Main Quantitative Finance Definitions You Should Absolutely Know

Hey, let’s summarize the main quantitative finance terms and see explanations that would be useful for anyone who wants to become a quantitative trader. People who are reading the articles and case studies of traders and have issues with the jargon can also benefit from learning the basics.

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Advanced & Easy Guide: Your First Steps to Becoming a Blockchain Developer

Getting into the blockchain development industry is relatively easy. Getting a job as a blockchain programmer is harder. A good first start is to learn everything about the frontend first and how to interface with blockchains, and afterwards, become a full-stack developer. Crypto and Blockchain

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Crypto-Development Guide: How to Create a Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is on the rise, the demand is higher than it has ever been. Bitcoin alone gained 193,639.36% from 2012 to 2020. Crypto offers benefits such as anonymity, security, and high speed. With the many benefits that it offers, it is easy to understand why crypto is lucrative. So how do yo

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