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by Finage at June 18, 2023 5 MIN READ


Stock Market Outlook & 2024 Best-performing Stocks


The years 2022 and 2023 have been quite volatile for the financial world and this came down to how the global pandemic shut things down. In a fluid financial environment, the world began to open up again. There was a seemingly universal optimistic take on what 2023 could look like, but as we have seen, that may not be the case.


Volatility appears to be the only constant in finance and this year has thrown everything into even more chaos, bringing financial crisis. With various markets spinning and the end of the year rapidly approaching, questions will remain concerning how the rest of 2023 will unfold. Let’s check the stock market outlook for 2024.



- Signs Are Pointing Down Rather Than Up

- What Was the Stock Market Prediction?

- The Possibility of an Evolving Pandemic

- Inflation

- Government Standstills

- Cryptocurrency

- Experts suggest market performances can suddenly flip

- Best-performing Stocks:

- Tech Stocks

- European Stocks

- Asian Stocks

- Final Thoughts


Signs Are Pointing Down Rather Than Up

The first half of 2022 was nothing short of a disaster, especially for investors who had ventured deeply into some promising commodities of previous years. Everything that could go wrong did so and the addition of the war and military crisis only made things increasingly worse.


Rising prices of natural resources such as fossil fuels and food were accompanied by the growth of world markets. As a result, every possible commodity has been hit in one way or another. Stocks and cryptocurrencies in particular have received the full brunt of this assault, with Bitcoin falling significantly at the start of the year.


Similarly, stocks such as the S&P 500 haven’t had the best luck, with it seeing drops that haven’t been seen for well over half a century. The two quarters we have seen thus far haven’t been particularly kind to this exchange as it has continued to fall.


No one was safe from the current financial crisis, as those who are holding bonds are seeing the treasury being hit and falling nearly 10%. To put it bluntly, nothing in the year 2024 has been safe from the reaches of the current global issues. The following are just a few of the most affected commodities in 2024:

- Fuel

- Food

- Fertilizer

- Metal


The fact that one of the best-performing and most volatile assets since the financial crisis (Bitcoin) is showing relative buoyancy in an ebbing tide for risk assets in 1Q may portend the crypto's maturation toward digital collateral, in a world going that way.


What Was the Stock Market Prediction?

Going into 2024, some experts had a more optimistic view of how 2024 would turn out. However, some believed that this year’s stock market was going to suffer and the following are some of the outcomes:

- Inflation,

- Effect on the oil and gas prices,

- Commodities,

- Unaffordable real estate,

- Declining savings rates,

- Retail inventories piling up,

- Supply chain mess and

- Declining stock and crypto markets.


The Possibility of an Evolving Pandemic

It is pretty obvious that the pandemic ruined things for everyone in the last two years and things weren’t made better when new variants started showing up. Because of how COVID-19 negatively affected the entire production cycle, it is fair to assume that different variants could further bring difficulties for a market. Additionally, pandemic measures hurt the stock market.



As 2023 came to an end, the levels of inflation experienced in the US were the highest they had been since the early 1970s. As such, the growth of the economy was predicted to be slow and that has come to pass. This essentially forces reserve banks to tackle the issue as quickly as they can, often creating unwanted money policies.


Government Standstills

Irrespective of where you are in the world, the market will always be affected by the actions or inactivity of governments. A larger economy like the US has a lot of sway over the markets on a global level and this means that a stalemate in Congress could result in markets swinging either way.



This is quite ironic, but the rise of cryptocurrency appears to be the source of its downfall. The meteoric rise of this commodity has led to the oversaturation of this particular market and this means that it loses its rarity and thus, its value.


Experts suggest market performances can suddenly flip

Despite the bleak nature of the year thus far, there is some hope because the descent we were on has slowed down a bit. There are certain areas of the stock market that give some room for optimism for investors. Said investors will have no choice but to look for them carefully in the corners of the market. The following are just a few of these stocks that may be beacons of hope.


Best-performing Stocks:

Tech Stocks

Tech or anything related to advancements in the field is a fairly safe bet considering where things currently stand. Though they aren’t the most overwhelming performers, especially in the last two years, they are currently trading at a respectable level. It is for this reason that any investor looking for stocks that carry relatively little risk can at least consider them.


European Stocks

Despite not being as popular as their US counterparts, stocks in Europe are nothing to take lightly, which is why some experts say that they are on the brink of being on top. In addition to this, they are relatively cheaper, which could lessen the risk.


Asian Stocks

Similar to the European alternative the markets in Asia are also rather competitive and are thought of as an ideal place to allocate. This specifically applies to the region around Japan, which despite being lackluster last year, is still a competent place to put your investments.


Final Thoughts

Upon seeing how the global markets have suffered in the first half of the year, it is pretty safe to say that the rest of 2023 is anyone’s guess. The inherent volatility that comes with the field shows that going into 2024, a whole host of things could happen that could either help or hurt proceedings. 


In any case, some exchanges appear to be on the rise in this coming fourth quarter. This is something that potential investors are looking for as a sign to steer in that direction. There will need to be some caution on their part because they may encounter some bears and as such, seemingly strong markets shouldn’t be eagerly sought after. 


As it stands, however, there is some uncertainty concerning how the rest of the year will play out. This means that eager investors should look into what is currently a safe bet and hopefully make something decent on it.


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