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With Finage's API, many data can be accessed, including Stock market data and financial market data from all over the world. Finage API also helps automate trading in the US stock markets and the UK Growth Market. Finage Stock API provides the most popular instruments used by investors in the US Stock markets and provides real-time and high quality stock information to its users. It is completely free, without advertising or subscription.


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Finage US Stock API is the best API provider for financial institutions with clients worldwide, providing data for more than 30,000 stocks with more than 16 million real-time quotes per day for both NASDAQ and NYSE exchanges. Finage is both the most comprehensive and secure API on the US stock exchange with financial data, news and analysis. Finage's experienced team consists of former technology experts from major financial institutions such as Citigroup, Bank of America, Bank of New York Mellon, JP Morgan Chase, Fidelity and Thomson Reuters.


The Finage API is the best stock API in the world, with a wide range of data covering more than 30,000 stocks and providing real-time price data and market depth for US stocks. Finage API helps you create powerful trading strategies based on real-time market data. Finage US Stock API is an API that makes it easy to parse standard stock symbols and get real-time stock prices, collect companies' data and process stock market data with the included javascript library.


Finage is the industry's leading provider of stock data and analytics programming, offering a comprehensive set of tools to help customers create professional, customized applications that make their trading experience easier and more efficient.


Finage makes it easy to get data from APIs by making a data request to your API with a single line of code. The Websocket API is used by banks and brokers for market data and allows the user to directly connect with the Finage API. So the user can also use Finage to quickly view data from any WebSocket connection. All these features are particularly useful in relation to real-time trading as it provides the ability to modify a buy or sell order or provide market data while executing.



Finage's API and Websocket-based application will provide lots of data for your portfolio, including transaction pricing, market data and news, with real-time updates. Finage is a decentralized asset management platform for the cryptocurrency ecosystem that will use the Ethereum blockchain to securely record user transactions and perform trades. Forex provides an API and WebSocket service that facilitates exchanges between traders and liquidity providers, provides feedback on the current state of the Market, provides users with information about price movements, arbitrage opportunities and current trading history.


The US Stock API allows users to create as many trading accounts as they want, trade directly with other users via the API's WebSocket interface using real-time data streams, and automate trades with Python scripts, in addition to simplifying stocks, bonds, commodities. is an Internet Exchange created for. The US Stock API allows you to trade stocks by providing live quotes for stocks listed in the US. US Stock API, limit orders, market orders, stop loss etc. It supports all the functions of a traditional stockbroker including. It also allows you to track your portfolio over time using historical data and analyze performance using LiveScore.