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Detailed Blockchain Guide in 2022 | What Is Blockchain Technology? How Does It Work?

What is Blockchain? Blockchain is defined as a securely shared, decentralized master data ledger. Blockchain technology enables an aggregated select group of participants to share data. Blockchain cloud services allow transactional data from multiple sources to be easily collected, integrated, and

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How to Build Your Own Algo-Trading Robot in 2022

Many traders desire to be algorithmic traders but find it difficult to properly build their trading robots. Online, these traders will frequently come across disorganized and deceptive algorithmic coding knowledge, as well as bogus promises of instant wealth. Lucas Liew, the developer of the onlin

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How to Build Your Own DEFI Token?

Particulars of DeFi projects Decentralized finance (also known as DeFi) is a type of financial service that does not rely on centralized governing bodies (such as a board of directors or a director) or centralized intermediaries (states, central banks, banks). Instead, it employs decentralized for

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How to Build Your Own Forex Trading Bot in 2022?

While trading bots are a curiosity for new crypto investors, they are also a must for experienced traders. Trading bots have come a long way from the very beginning and offer a wide variety of features and functions to help traders successfully implement their trading strategies. If you think th

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Cryptocurrency Indices in 2022 | A New Alternative of Index Markets

With cryptocurrency's growing popularity, big companies in the financial services sector, including banks and funds, are flocking to the cryptomarket in search of professional instruments. One set of instruments in particular Indices comparable to those used in the equity and bond markets are exam

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What is Financial Data and How to Use in 2022?

Financial data is what investors use to analyze a company's economic and financial health. This is how they decide whether a stock is overvalued or undervalued. Such studies are often referred to as fundamental analysis. Financial data comes from a company's income statement, balance sheet, and

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What are Smart Contracts and How to Read Them?

Like all other contracts, smart contracts set the terms of an agreement or contract. On the other hand, what makes smart contracts "intelligent" is that terms are set and executed in the form of code running on a blockchain rather than paper on a lawyer's desk. The basic idea behind Bitcoin is to

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Top 10 NFT Tools in 2022

1. Rarity.tools Website: https://rarity.tools/ With 96K Twitter followers, Rarity.tools is frequently chosen as the most popular platform for researching premium NFT gems. Rarity. Allen Hena (@0xAllen_) is the creator of Tools. His company excels at sorting NFTs by volume, average price, and listi

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Building a Trading Bot In Any Programming Language in 2022

Step 1: Decide on a Tool The first step in this training is to choose a language to work with. It is entirely up to you to make this decision. Some languages, such as Python, may be useful if you want to later develop your bot to include Machine Learning, but the most important thing is that you

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How to Read Economic Calendar Properly?

What Is the Economic Calendar and How Does It Work? The economic calendar lists important releases or events that could influence the movement of individual asset prices or markets as a whole. The economic calendar is used by investors and traders to plan trades and portfolio reallocations, as wel

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