What is Finage ? How can I use ?

Finage is like playing the game. We are guru users, we know how users think and react when he/she join any platform at the first stage. Today I’m going to tell you how can you access and use Financial Data easily. 

First of all, this is our home page and all the story being here. You can find all the information's about us and our products here. To access any service you need to register don’t worry it will complete under 30 seconds nothing more.

After your registration finish, Moon welcomes you – You can start using any services from here. You may start to use free with – Start Free Now section. We are providing Free API and Free Widgets no credit card needed.

You can use our moon Dark or White – Whatever you like.

Finage is a new generation of Financial Data Provider Service. You can access financial data like using any other social media platforms. 

– Financial data for everyone


Moon designed for you. It's clean, easy, and understandable for everybody. After you subscribed to any service you can go to the section you subscribed for using.

  • APIWork by requesting you can connect to your application to retrieve data with a specific period of time. API included last price, daily differences, converter, and historical data.

  • Your API key is a secret key to keep it safe. If you want to change just click to Regenerate Key.
  • There is three feature you can use with API; Last Prices, Convert Currencies and Historical Data you can find details on how to use in the API documentation.
    • Widgets: In the widget section you can customize whatever you like to put your website/blog.
  • First of all, you need to put your website/blog address or IP address to use widgets on your platform. You can change it anytime you want it.
  • There are six different kinds of widgets you can use. 

    Ticker, Tape, Ticker, Converter, Mini Converter, Single Ticker, and Historical Chart

    You can discover all of them in the Custom a Widget section. After you select your widgets we have three remade themes and also you can select your color in the Color Sections. After you finish the design part.

    You can add or remove symbols you would like to display on your widget. When you design, and symbol adding finish you can just copy and paste the embedded code below. It will automatically change when you make any kind of change above.

    You will just paste in your HTML and use it wherever you want. You can find detailed information about usage in the widget documentation.

    Finage also providing Real-Time data under milliseconds for business and enterprise usage. We are providing Free Webcoket who like to try and implant in their applications. 

    You need to add your platform IP to use WebSockets as like widgets. You can find more and detailed information in the WebSocket documentation.

    In the profile screen, you can view all services you subscribed to, your all details and you can change your e-mail, password. You can also unsubscribe and delete your account from here. You are free with Finage whatever you like is here to help you to build great financial applications with us.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact us to ask any kind of questions you may have. We are trying to create a new generation of financial data services with you. 

    Let’ change the Internet Together.